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This post is about the West Market system and having fun posting your HGP profile, and comments.

Ever since I have been playing this game I have been wondering what is the true value of elements in the West. Of course, a lot of things have changed since the beginning of the game, but the basic principle of doing the best jobs for your level and buying the best items in the stores hasn't.

I am going to use the basic principle of the game in order to determine the value of the different elements of the game. The elements of the game are items/products, experience, money, and labor points. The results are different dependent on your level and specs. But, you can do the calculation for your character using my example.

As an example, I am going to use a level 99+ character (that is me).

I am introducing a new concept called hours of game play which I will call HGP's. An HGP is equivalent to 1 hour of game play. I will translate all the elements of basic game play into HGP's.

All my figures are approximations but are very close to what most level 99+ players get as results.

Money Element:
From my best money jobs on average (adding money, luck and product drops), I earn around 550 dollars an hour.
1 HGP = 550 dollars.
Experience Element:
From my best xp jobs on average, I get around 160 xp an hour.
1 HGP = 160 XP
Item/Product Element:
The best store item I can buy are Fancy Soft Leg Guards for level 99 at 23K
1 attribute point = 5 labor points and 1 skill point = 1 labor point
The total bonuses of attributes and skills of Fancy Leg Guards add up to 82 Labor Points.
This equates to 280 dollars per labor point.
Since 1 HGP = 550 dollars then 1 HGP = 2 Labor points.

1 HGP = 550 dollars = 160 xp = 2 LP's

After calculating your HGP values, you can calculate the real value of everything else in the game.

Here are some examples :

A 100 percent drop product = .25 HGP = 138 dollars

A rare 1 percent drop item or product = 25 HGP's = 14 k dollars

The Golden Colt = 12 LP's = 3.4 k dollars = 6 HGP's

I encourage you to post some of your experiences with quest (calculate the HGP in time spent doing a quest versus the HGP value of the rewards)
Also, you will notice that most of the speculation going on the market are not so bad. But when an item like a rare gem becomes suddenly required in a quest (the rare gem can only be acquired by people with a strong strength line), the Market System goes into wild speculations (rare gems going at 50K). This adds to the HPS requirement of the quest and greatly drops the value of the quest rewards.

You will also realize that the rewards you get from crafting in HGP are negilgible compared to the HGP you put in (do the HGP calculation, you will have to further slice their value since crafting products are consumable)

Post your HGP profile and experiences,

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best hgp job is darn socks, assuming you have infinite energy.......


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For me I have my rules for market, at least for items:
If I have an item that can be found in stores I will sell it for a minimum of 2/3 of buy value, maximum of 3/4 of buy value (e.g. item buy price is $1000, price will be: $666/$750);
If I have an item that cannot be found in stores I will sell it for a minimum of 3x of buy value and maximum 5x of buy value (e.g. item buy price is $1000, price will be: $3000/$5000)

For items/recipes that I don't have I sell them for buy price + market fee + tax;

For products is simple, I usually don't sell them, or if I sell them the price will be market dependent.

For friends tax is 0 and instant buy are minimum values.