Post Pictures of Difficult Work

Violette LeDrunc

Well, it would definitely be a bad thing for me. And bad for my towns too, because I'd have to start keeping my cash to save for purchases instead of giving it all to the treasury.

For all the Talamare mentioned, this will be pretty hard on lower level players. But I think it will have an impact on the lower level towns too. They'll either have upgrade their banks much earlier than they would have had too otherwise, which will cost the treasury money and then lose the Treasury money, or leave their townsfolk always shortchanged, essentailly "forced" to doante, and never able to buy decent gear.

Jesse James

Even if they limit the backpack,I don't think it will be that small.


Thirty items is the amount being told to us ,that gives players very little option when it comes to outfits plus carrying goods that they find


We as players need to start voicing our disapproval about the new limit then rather than just trying to come up with suggestions to pass on to the Dev's

John Rose

I wouldn't mind a limit on items, as long as it is within reasonable limits.

Either way though, before they even THINK about introducing such a limit, they MUST fix the STILL existing stacking bug.


wats madalice's problem? just cos he disagrees with someone doesnt make it wrong? thats why its called an opinion!


Nashy (as himself)
30 would be fine for me, me bank is maxed at 12,000 at the moment and the only time where I've had more than 15 items is at the start where there was nowhere to sell them.

I too would like to see some picture of good jobs.

Drilling for oil if anyone has it.


well if they restrict it, I hope they do at least strip me of the lowest valued items/products first. I would be quite annoyed losing some of my fancy gear.

On the other hand they said that different levels of transportation will let you hold more inventory. So I hope that a quarter horse is doing the job.

If not it'd be good if there'd be at least a grace period to first enable us to buy whatever is needed to extend the capacity before items get removed.