Post Pictures of Difficult Work


This is for all the high level and high skilled players out there. That way lower skilled players and new players can see job reports from difficult jobs, that way they can have some kind of reference as to whether or not it's worthwhile working towards those jobs.

They are also the 'coolest' job reports available, so it lets others working up towards it oogle at the good jobs. I for one really want to see some of the difficult jobs that aren't in my job path.

Mercenary Work

this job took me forever to do. Now that I am specced in shooting on world 3 I can do it. The money is at 92% and that means consistently around 500 bucks even with low labor. the whiskey is cool. I'm gonna collect it and never sell it. It was cooler when it was a quest item and was worth 0$ but they changed it right before I got the job, which is kind of messed up.

Grave Robber

I have to wear lots of fine motor skills gear to do it. It boasts the best luck for most jobs before the super awesome ones, but its experience and money output is low. It makes you question why you ever bother to do it when you go for stretches without getting anything. But when you do get something it makes it worth while. Compared to Mercenary work it is pretty much worse all around because you don't get as much exp and the money isn't guaranteed like mercenary work, but the best benefit is the chance to get unique items, so every time i find myself crossing my fingers and praying that I get a glowing weapon.



Yeah well I'm itching for others to "show off" so I can see other jobs.


Must be nice having premium

Tho in the end you really dont need that much money
Right on the head! :laugh: but maybe good to sponsor other town. or donate to his opponent. We know that Mad is a nice guy :D


well I have all the equipment i need, and I had to spend 30 grand to spec my skills but i did that already. now im just gonnna collect guns i guess. there needs to be new equipment so the money won't go to waste.


When they limit the backpack to 30 slots, collecting will be difficult.


Does someone else want to answer this?
I will

They don't care about the players just the $$$ they can earn.

Case in point the limited back pack,its being brought in to slow players down not make the game more interesting for us.

Anyway back on topic

Grave robber


2 hours
$ 36
25 Experience points


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How will it slow us down really?

I bet if they implement it, they will add a premium feature for unlimited bag space


What they really need to do is make more items. how hard could it possibly be. i've had all the best equipment for over a month and a half now and im on world 3.


How will it slow us down really?

I bet if they implement it, they will add a premium feature for unlimited bag space

Higher end players not a lot we already have the top clothes to do the jobs we know pay well in both $$ and XP

Lower scoring players I would say a lot more the ones who have to use lots of clothing combo's to do their jobs will get hit by this,another aspect of this is being able to save money via keeping spare clothes/weapons/goods in your pack until you want to buy a more expensive item ie the fancy coat ,now I dont have this in my town and none of the other towns will let me in to buy it so if I really want it I have to pay $38000.I can safely bank 12,000 but the rest I now either have to have on me while I continue to save(not at all safe to do) or leave town until I have the cash.either way the game is punishing the player and slowing them down

I agree about the add on for the premium I didn't want to say it though in case it puts ideas into the dev's heads ;)

Violette LeDrunc

IIRC, this was only a "possible" idea, not a definite one. Like the change to the building construction skills it might not go ahead.


Thats just why I said we should be saying NO on the forums about it rather than trying to come up with idea x y and z as to how the Dev's could make it fairer

If they get told enough times NO then they do listen the construction changes being a very good case in point.