Feedback Policies for Spam Fort Battles

Goober Pyle

The West Team
Fort Balancing Strategist
So, can we open 2 fort battles at the same time while there are 3 fort battles?
To confuse the defending team and hide which castle the real battle will be on.

What I want to ask is, can the 4th and 5th fort battles be declared according to the list below?

1.fort battles: 03.45 PM
2.fort battles: 08.30 PM
3.fort battles: 00.18 AM
4.fort battles 10.56 AM
5.fort battles 11.40 AM

Technically the 5th battle there would be a violation (particularly if any of battles 1-3 were from the same ally)

1) in all cases if there are no complaints (including no history of complaints about the same actors), then no action will be taken
2) the first offense is usually let stand to give the digger the benefit of the doubt that their actions have a reasonable legitimate purpose
And 3) the Fort Battle Team is empowered to exercise discretion where in their judgment intervention or non-intervention is in the best interests of the community, particularly during times of event currency

For the particular scenario you describe, it would be preferable that the fifth battle be scheduled within 10 minutes of the fourth battle. This prevents players being able to attend both battles, so avoids the possibility that the battles are considered push battles.