Please enable migration!

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Oh, I absolutely agree with you. I always shake my head in wonder when I would see a new world opening when we had falling population on other worlds. A lot of the players on new worlds are merely the same players we already have - stretched even thinner.

Yup, and half of those players simple set their character doing jobs or do offline battles without every actually being online for more than 5 minutes.


Life here in a w1 forum?
What's next? True interaction amongst the various alliances?
This could be a turning point in getting w1 back in the game :)


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There is tons of activity on W1. We're just selective about it, especially in our alliance. If you're going by chat activity, someone touched on it briefly. There was more activity when we had county chats instead of limited saloons. It's always my luck half the people on my ban list are in the saloons where I wind up. :D

Activity shouldn't be measured by fort battle attendance.


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You just realized that? :D

The problem with migration and new worlds is that it kills that world, it buys time for another though.


When I stumbled upon this game, World 1 was closed. So I created a worker for world 3. My first ticket was "How do I know who is online?" The answer was "There is no way to tell." But I played on. I skipped 4, went with adventurer on 5, opted out of 6, Then tried my hand as dueler on 7. By then the chat had started and world 1 had reopened. I do not know why I quickly signed on ... maybe because I am an odd man (I leave that for you to ponder) but I am glad I did. Most folks here in world 1 do not care how many duels or fort battles I have won or lost nor how many nuggets I have spent. I am contented that I can play the game in my own way.