Players now under 6000


Yes we must nurture them and turn them in Zero-Mots. Otherwise, I'll have too much cash. I must give away a few grand to charity.

Honestly, I still think W10 is a great world. Maybe it's just me that thinks that.


The West Team
Deputy Sheriff
It's my 1st world and I still like it too.
I was getting bored in my town coz I'd been there for so long and it was the same every day, but i left and made a new town with new goals so I hope it turns out working well.

I have 7 new players I think in my town and I'm gonna try to keep them as active as I can.


Sam, I would ask if I could join you, but the town and alliance I'm with needs new leadership and aswell... many of them would chase me if I left what with me giving them a few grand a day.