Players now under 6000


Its sad because this world was the place to be when i joined the game in 2009, i tried W11 but quit and i think i might have an unloved adventurer in Briscoe that hasnt done anything for a few months .... I hope Hellstromm is correct regarding worlds 2-10 becoming more popular - i dont see it though .... :(

I cant see myself joining W15 if / when it opens - if anything i might start a new character in W1 ....... it seems that it is and will always be the most stable world (however the thought of starting all over again ........... :unsure:)

your thoughts?


agreed, im seriously thinking of quitting w10 for w1, now that motivation rises twice as fast it is a completely different game for duellers now.


I do have to say that when i have the time to attend fort battles on w10 - they are almost always full, even matched, tactical battles.

* which is great !!


I happy that you will stay, i have invested too much time to leave this world. iamneo - i will say hello next time i see you in an fort battle, sadley for me its only about once a week, but we are on the same side - see ya soon !!


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i binned w10 for w1 im enjoying the challenge of starting again the 2 hour jobs suit me :cool:


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well, W10 is the best dueling world and it ill always remain so

i have got a suggestion - why don't we make a vote here for the duel motivation to go up at it's old rate and forward it to the devs with us duelers voting for it - if enough people vote for it, the devs will be inclined to do something about it


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maybe W10 used to be the best dueling world, but W12 has way more action now. im on both and W10 is dead compared to W12.


w10 is pretty much alive, im duelling like mad, just cos youre not a proper dueller here doesnt mean everyone else isnt either...

The Missus

Currently I'd say W10 is the best of the Worlds I play. With myself fighting for Top Swimmer :)D) and as well trying to avoid duelers by staying 9 hours away from town... Okay fine, I forgot to die in a Fort Battle. I'd say W10 is still going hard.


just re-discovered The West and it's definitely a lot more fleshed out than when I joined before
any towns looking for a future builder?

Victor Kruger

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itll start to drop now the Recommendation has rolled on ... why they are wasting their time on worlds already dead i have no idea, but then again the brains responsible are often pretty stale ;)


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It does...temporarily
Only a few of the people that join in that mass stay the rest go inactive in a few weeks.


Well w10 was still very much alive when it became recommended world, so hopefully something good will come out of this one.