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Sorry to be the cause of drama, checked in cause heard forum accounts were getting deleted and this looked like a good place for some banter. Thought the tone of the post was pretty clear but I must have lost my touch.

Oh, and hi everyone ;)


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Let me clarify some things. This is first and foremost a Chaos get-together. Saying that, we all have friends in other worlds that may have an interest in meeting up, and we would like to meet them also. Would I have posted this publicly for all to see? No, I would have just let certain game friends become aware that we were getting together and if they were in the local area they are welcome to come by... or even fly in if they wanted to. This will be our third year getting together, and Deiben and his lovely wife were invited last year. He had such a great time that he enthusiastically invited the server. We don't expect everyone to show up or many even to care, and others that wouldn't get together with someone if they lived 5 minutes away in rl.

I can say that we have had fun meeting the real person behind the toons (and their spouses), and have a great time seeing different parts of the country since we've gone to Memphis, TN and San Antonio, TX so far.

We all know the reason we play this game isn't because it is so great but because of the people we have met here. This is just going on step further and actually becoming rl friends and not just a toon behind the screen.

Come if you want, don't come if you don't want, whatever any of you decide is your choice, but either way I will be having fun and hoisting some beers in Boston in July!


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That's exactly it....

Boston this July around the 18th.
2020 is in Scotland. Contact Rennser or dubjean for details.
Where would the Mods and lulu and Pankreas like to host a .en player reunion for 2021?
Keep in mind you'll have to coordinate it and that Western/North American players traveled the previous year.....

We're not discouraging anyone. Heck, we're giving the nay sayers, pissers & moaners an opportunity to line out the .en player reunion 2 years in advance......
You get to set the destination, agenda, primary objective, send out the invites, start the arguments, tone of the conversation, and blah blah blah.....

Where do you guys want it to be?
Can you coordinate it for us?

Until then, see you in Boston.
Until then, see you Scotland.
Until then, you're pissing and moaning and we're getting together ;)


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I'm glad that Deiben is so excited but these are get-togethers for Chaos people and a few others that we are friends with. If you are local and are interested then by all means contact me, but the intent for these was not a world invite. As for Scotland, nothing has been set in stone yet, just the intent and the budgeting of funds so contacting me or Renns will not give you any further info at this time.

As for anyone planning a full .en meet up, good luck with that. I'm sure that getting all of us in one place at one time would be difficult and I can foresee some altercations happening after a few beers if some of us were together so it's probably best if it doesn't happen. ;)


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I stand corrected.
"This" reunion is not for all.

But for those that play Arizona, Briscoe, Colorado, Dakota, El Dorado, Fairbanks, Galveston, Houston, and all the other needless that lead to crappy servers over time, are we not "The .en Team"?
We're reading this. We're the .en Team.

Our servers are deteriorating because we keep signing up for new ones. Stop that. Please.
Briscoe has had, per the time/date stamp of this post, 8 FF's in 14 days.

If you have the opportunity, meet some of us in person. We're not excluding anyone.
The entire Inno crew, especially the hot chick that used to make the videos, is welcome.
The Mods are welcome.


Because we don't get it from the game, we hook up one weekend a year to satisfy ourselves.
Or at least I will until I'm no longer invited.


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And I'm going to double post here in The West Forum for the simple reason it will get someone's panties, or thong, in a knot.....

Scotland in 2020.....

Do with your thong as you may..... I'm arriving in jeans and leaving in a kilt.