Player-made Parcels

Bucksnort Hawkins

The ability for players to create their own chests/packages called "parcels". The goal is to be able to sell items in a group like a ZIP file if you will.

Current Workaround
None. Players are forced to sell clothing sets or groups of materials for crafting as individual items. This tends to create situations where alliance or town mates selling to one another mistakenly sell one or more parts of a set or group of materials as a public auction. In turn, these items can become lost to another outside party.

Simply put, a player can create one parcel at a time that contains any number of items. They can then sell this parcel for any price on the Market.

Idea Variation #1 (Goober Pyle):

1) To make a Parcel you have to have a crafting skill of 250 to unlock the parcel-making skill (common to all crafts) -- This minimizes the risk of abusive push accounts.
2) The minimum the sale price of any parcel is 150% of the sum of the minimum prices of each item included in the parcel -- this makes utilizing the feature less attractive to use frequently
3) The creation of a parcel also costs to 1 bond per item included in the parcel -- This further makes utilizing the feature less attractive to use frequently.

Idea Variation #2 (AncySpanky):

Is there perhaps a means to transfer a parcel to another user as money can be transferred via the Bank? In that regard then the parcel would have to be transferred to a specific user. Could something like a unique bonus code be generated for any given parcel? I would think then that might also bind the transaction between two specific users? This maybe could address Goober Pyle's other concerns about maintaining any given "parcel" as a unique item.

Abuse Prevention
I believe you might have to limit the number of items in a parcel probably. Then you'd have to have some way to display the contents on the rollover tooltip. Also you'd have to accommodate a boolean for naming the parcel. So perhaps only one chest per player can be in existence at a time. I think there should also be a fee involved like Upgrading just to keep the act of packaging parcels somewhat regulated; not without some sacrifice.

Visual Aids


Please also see the post by Junkz below for further UI concepts for this idea.

The ability to create these parcels make trading full item sets or groups of crafting materials extremely easy. It would also cut down on stolen market items. Thanks!

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Goober Pyle

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I think the better approach to abuse prevention would be to
1) require a crafting skill of 250 to unlock the packaging skill (common to all crafts) -- this minimizes the risk of abusive push accounts
2) set the minimum the sale price to 150% of the sum of the minimums -- this makes utilizing the feature less attractive to use frequently
3) set the creation cost to 1 bond per item -- this further makes utilizing the feature less attractive to use frequently

Goober Pyle

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I think from a maintainence standpoint it would be best to provide for all players to have 2 parcels that are "unique": a <user's>-for-sale-parcel and a <user's>-purchased-parcel
1) you cannot create a <user's>-for-sale-parcel if a <user's>-for-sale-parcel exists (in inventory or on market)
2) you cannot sell/auction a <user's>-purchased-parcel (you have to open it to make it cease to exist)
3) when who successfully purchase a <other user's>-for-sale-parcel it converts into <user's>-purchased-parcel
4) you cannot bid on a <other user's>-for-sale-parcel if a <user's>-purchased-parcel exists (you have to (collect and) open your existing <user's>-purchased-parcel first)

note: at the create package interface you can only add items that you can auction

By this approach the functionality is basically limited to creating a table of 2Xplayers maximum rows by 2N columns (N item numbers and quantities) that it is only updated by the events "create parcel" (insert) "open parcel" (delete) and "purchase parcel" (update set name=<user's>-purchased-parcel where name=<other user's>-for-sale-parcel) and an additional ~"if exists <user's>-purchased-parcel raise exception" when you attempt to bid on a <user's>-for-sale-parcel
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Nice idea, this would be much easier than putting many different items on the market. It would however then still be possible to (accidentally) put that "Package" on the world market where everyone could buy it, so any ideas on that?

Maybe it could be possible to directly transfer the package to the person X. That person then gets a message: "Person Y has send you a package for $..... ; do you accept this package?"
If person X accepts the package the amount of $ gets subtracted from its bankaccount and gets the package. If person X rejects or does not respond in time the package gets send back to player Y. With this method you avoid that your package could get stolen, but you are still able to set the price for the package yourself.
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Bucksnort Hawkins

Thanks fellow Westerners for this feedback. I'll get to work on incorporating these ideas into the main post.