Pirates be invadin' World 1!

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    Arrrr! Us Pirate folk be comin’, and we be lookin’ to give ye Westerners a right run for yer money! We be wantin’ t' introduce t' ye all, Capture th’ Gem! This ‘ere event, also known t’ us pirate folk as CTG, is our littl’ game where two or more of yer teams ‘ave a gem or any other ‘ere type of marker, th' objective being that ye needs t' capture th’ other team’s gems or marker, an’ bring it back wit' ye t' yer home port fer safekeepin’. While there be many variations an’ different rules t' this ‘ere game, us Pirate folk be bringing t’ ye scallywags our own unique version.

    English version: GM Event - Capture the Flag

    Date: CTG starts on 14/02/2015 at 8AM until 15/02/2015 8PM.
    Fort battle begins on 16/02/2015 at 10PM.

    This ‘ere event, CTG, be requirin’ a playin’ sea equally divided into separate areas, depending on how many teams will be participatin’ in th’ event. This playin’ sea, we know that ye folk like t' know as th’ world map, divided into yer fifteen coun’ies. We’ll be assigning t' each of th’ participatin’ teams a corner county, so that be 1, 7, 8 an’ 14 in which ye will have yer home ports t' dock yer boats in! Now, each of these ‘ere counties will ‘ave a station built in each of ‘em, and these coun’ies will be neutral territory t’ everyone until th’ time comes when one of th’ teams has claimed one of these ‘ere counties. All th’ teams will be assigned a specific colour, so that’ll be red, blue, green an’ yellow.

    There be one main objective in this ‘ere game. This being that yer team achieves th' highest overall score of all th’ teams playin’. Now, this can be achieved fer yer team in two separate ways:

    • Flag huntin’: This ’ere method be requirin’ ye players t’ move along th’ designated path, visitin’ stations t' capture gems t’ bring back t’ their home port fer points
    • County wars: Th’ other part of this game be involvin’ grabbing yer pistols and cutlasses an’ duellin’ us Pirate folk t’ gain territory, or t’ capture fer ye team a county. Each county captured, and each duel completed be worth points fer yer team!
    There be many other aspects t' this ‘ere game other than th’ two above mentioned, which won’ be bringin’ yer team points, but which be involvin’ stopping th’ opposin’ teams’ boats from sailing t’ collectin’ their own points! This be involvin’ sinkin’ them boat-riding gem hun’ers t' reset their possible scores, an’ firin’ them cannons at those foes t’ capture their counties!

    How t’ play:
    There be no limits as t’ th’ number of players that can be involved in this ‘ere, event, whether this be individual players, yer Western villages (Towns) or yer migh’y alliances participatin’ as a team. Playin’ as an alliance be effective if ye be thinkin’ of takin’ on yer rival alliance(s) in yer worlds. ‘owever, us Pirate folk be adjustin’ th’ numbers of ye Western folk on each team t’ be evenin’ out th’ playin’ sea. We be takin' no unfair advantages fer any group of ye landhoggers! Th’ duration of this ‘ere event be dependent on ‘ow many players be participatin’! Each event be startin’ a week followin’ being announced due t’ preparations that us sea rats be needin’ t’ make fer this event t’ take place.

    Now firstly, if ye be wantin’ t’ participate in this ‘ere CTG event, yer goin’ t’ be needin’ t’ contact yer support by sendin’ them sneaky rascals a support ticket. In this ‘ere ticket, yer goin’ t’ be needin’ t’ state a few details. These be: “Are ye participatin’ alone or in a team?” If ye be wit' a team, please be listin’ fer us th’ exact player names of all of yer Western team members. “Are ye able t' be participatin’ fer th’ entire duration of th’ event?” Ye landhoggers be needin' t' understand that this ‘ere event be designed fer avid Western players that be spendin’ many hours online! Us Pirate folk won’ be takin’ any folks that aren’ able t’ handle a dingy either! Mark my words!

    Once entry t' this ‘ere event be closin’, all ye players will be evaluated an’ placed into yer teams! T’ be makin’ sure that each crew be equal in strength, some players may not be assigned t’ the’ team that they initially be wantin’! All participants in this ‘ere event will be removed from their current Western villages an’ placed right splat into their home ports for th’ duration of the’ event, and moved back t’ their original Western villages once th’ event be closin’. Keep in yer minds that since this be a duelling event, all ye participants won’ be havin’ KO protection active on yer accounts. If ye be KOed in a duel, th’ moment ye remove yerself from a hotel, ye be eligible t’ be duelled by the enemy an’ their boats!

    Wit’ all that there work done, th’ event will be a startin’! It be up t’ yer team t’ strategise which crew members be doing what in th’ event. Keep in yer minds that t’ be successful an’ win th’ event, ye be needin’ t’ work together. This ‘ere point leads me back t’ a more detailed description of th’ type of tasks ye can be engagin’ in durin' this 'ere event.

    Now, before ye be gettin’ any ideas that ye are to be sittin’ around drinkin’ an’ playin’ cards wit’ yer team mates, let me tell ye about what tasks yer team will be completin’ in this ‘ere event.

    Gem Huntin’: A gem hunter be a player assigned t’ th’ task t’ start on a path that all crew members of a team will start on, at separate locations, an’ move in a clockwise rotation around th’ world ocean map whilst visitin’ each station along th’ way. At each station, there be coloured bandannas on th’ market fer gem hunters t’ purchase, these be representin’ yer potential points, ye could be bringin’ t' yer team. Fer instance, th’ first station fer any team is located in th’ same county as yer home port; this'll be yer startin’ point! Once ye ‘ave reached yer first station, ye can purchase th’ bandanna (Coloured according t’ yer team colour). these ‘ere bandannas are needed t’ be placed back on th’ market at either yer home port, or a captured station. Ye then be presented wit’ two options: ye can either take th’ bandanna back t' yer home port t’ bank yer points, or ye can continue on th’ path t' th’ next station on yer dinghies, an’ grab another bandanna. The’ further away th’ station that ye be collectin’ a bandanna from, th’ more points th’ bandanna be worth fer yer team. Be rememberin’ though, ye can be duelled at any time along yer perilous journey; if ye be KOed, ye lose any points from th’ bandana that ye ‘ave collected, an’ that ye ‘aven’t placed on th’ market – ye will be transported back t’ yer home port and placed in th’ hotel. Once ye ‘ave cancelled yer drowsy sleep, ye start at th’ first station again. Do be notin’ that yer bandannas can be stolen by enemy team crew members, but points be deducted from teams that be purchasin’ th’ wrong colour bandannas. We Pirate folk won’ be lookin’ kindly on stealing th’ opposing team’s bandannas! Go lookin' in th' Pirate code if ye not be believin' me!

    County Wars: This aspect of th’ event, which will intrigue duellers, involves ye duellin' a Pirate GM assigned t’ a station in each county. These Pirate GM players will be skilled as a normal dueller wielding normal duellin’ weapons, but they won’ be no easy nut t’ crack fer ye landhoggers! Th’ main objective ‘ere is t’ duel an’ beat a Pirate GM player enough times so that they are wearin’ all th’ same colour clothin’ as yer team, in essence claimin’ that station an’ therefore, that county. Each time that one of our Pirate GM crew loses a duel, and mark my words, that won’ be often!, they’ll place an item of clothin’ representin’ th' same colour as yer team. However, if another team duels an’ wins that duel, an item of clothing will change t’ that team’s colour. Once a team has claimed one of ‘em counties, that county can be used as a new home port fer yer team t’ bank them gems from th’ gem hunters! Mind ye, a good strategy here would be t’ try an’ claim counties furthest from ye, yet closer t’ yer enemies. If yer crew members be achievin' this, ye can easily go about bankin’ and achievin’ more points from each bandanna found. Th’ Pirate GMs will act as any regular player (We be real folk I’ll have ye know!). they won’ be movin’ away from their locations, however, they be sleepin' at certain times. We all need our good ole beauty sleep now don’ we?

    Each team will ‘ave a team leader in th’ form of our good ole GM Event managers, who we’ve captured fer the purposes of runnin’ this ‘ere game for us! Yer team leader will be responsible fer purchasing all th’ collected bananas from th’ market. Only once this is done, can these bandannas be converted into juicy points fer yer team!

    Miscellaneous players within a team or not (Players not involved in th’ event) can choose t’ go on a duellin’ spree an’ target them flag hunters. If one of ye flag hunters is KOed, they lose th’ current points that they be carryin’, so be sure t’ be keepin’ yourselves sober!

    Note: At our discretion, players not participating in the event abusing any event features placed on player or GM accounts will face action against their character as we deem necessary.
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    Ye World Map:

    <table id="ncode_imageresizer_warning_1" class="ncode_imageresizer_warning" width="720"><tbody><tr><td class="td1" width="20">
    </td><td class="td2">


    • This be a map representin’ all of th’ 15 counties, all numbered.
    • In each of th’ four corner counties, there be a coloured circle designatin’ each team’s home ports (Red, green, blue and yellow).
    • A pirate station be positioned within all of th’ counties, (excluding th’ centre county) an’ this be indictated wit’ a grey circle.
    • Each pirate station be linked t’ each other by a designated sailin’ path, an’ this be th’ path that ye flag hunters must be followin’!
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    Ye rewards an’ point system:

    Points be awarded t’ ye teams fer successfully bankin’ collected bandannas a yer home base or captured county station.

    • 0.1 points be awarded from th’ 1st station
    • 0.3 points be awarded from th’ 2nd station
    • 0.7 points be awarded from th’ 3rd station
    • 1 point be awarded from th’ 4th station
    • 1.5 points be awarded from th’ 5th station
    • 2 points be awarded from th’ 6th station
    • 3 points be awarded from th’ 7th station
    • 4 points be awarded from th’ 8th station
    • 5 points be awarded from th’ 9th station
    • 6 points be awarded from th’ 10th station
    • 7 points be awarded from th’ 11th station
    • 8 points be awarded from th’ 12th station
    • 9 points be awarded from th’ 13th station
    • 10 points be awarded from th’ 14th station

    Points be awarded t’ yer teams fer successfully winnin’ a duel agains any of us Pirate GM folk.

    • 1 point be awarded fer initiatin' a duel against a Pirate GM player.
    • 1 point be awarded if th’ challenger (Player) wins th’ duel.
    • 10 points be awarded fer capturin' a county.
    • 2 points be awarded if th’ defender (Player) beats a Pirate GM player.

    Points be awarded t’ teams fer miscellaneous events.

    • 2 points be awarded if th’ defender be asleep in a hotel when a duel expires.

    Points be awarded t' teams fer achieving certain requirements in th' fort battle.

    • 25 points be awarded fer yer team if ye be 'avin' th' highest hit count.
    • 25 points be awarded fer yer team if ye be 'avin' th' highest damage in th' battle.
    • 5 points be awarded fer each KO made by yer team.
    • 200 points be awarded t' yer team fer winnin’ th' fort battle
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    While we be creating this ‘ere event fer th’ enjoyment of everyone, there be a few rules that ye be needin’ t’ uphold in th’ event someone be playin’ unfairly.

    1. No consumable item (Buffs) purchased from th’ Union Pacific Shop may be used.
    2. Th’ premium services, half waytime an’ express delivery be prohibited from th’ event.
    3. Under no circumstances are ye t’ leave yer home port town fer th’ duration of th’ event, unless ye ‘ave opted out of participatin’ in th’ event entirely. Ye may opt out of th’ event at any time by replying t’ yer entry support ticket statin’ so.
    4. Teams will ‘ave points deduced if they be stealin’ another team’s gems.
    5. Ye may not switch teams once ye ‘ave been assigned t’ one.
    6. ‘avin’ special options activated on yer account will allow ye t’ duel anyone regardless of level or task th’ player is busy doing, including sleep. Ye may not duel anyone other than yer enemy crew members an’ ye may not be duellin’ anyone that be currently asleep in a hotel! ** A direct violation of our gamin’ rules be resultin’ in a ban being placed on yer account. **
    7. Ye may not complain about yer being duelled. Duel protection will not be active on yer accounts.
    8. Teams will ‘ave points deducted if they be violatin’ any of th’ stated rules.

    Ye may:

    1. Camp th’ players of opposin’ teams.
    2. Be usin’ other premium services.
    3. Use buffs, unless it be stated in rule 1 above.
    4. Be sleepin’ at any town on yer way t’ yer location.
    5. Participate in yer daily activities, such as fort battles. Remember, th’ more personal events ye be doin’, th’ less points ye can be bringin’ t’ yer team.
    6. Use any strategy t’ gain points that not be stated in th’ rules. If ye be unsure of its fairness, please be contactin’ yer Western moderatin’ team via support.
    7. Be ‘avin’ fun!

    Th’ Community Managers an’ us Pirate GM characters be th’ final arbiters of any dispute; we reserve th’ right t’ enforce out interpretation of th’ rules upon any participant. Furthermore, any stated rules or gamin’ mechanics of th’ CTG event be subject t’ change at any given time withou’ prior notice.
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    CTG starts on 14/02/2015 at 8AM until 15/02/2015 at 8PM.
    Fort battle begins on 16/02/2015 at 10PM.

    If you wish to participate in the world 1 CTG event, please send a
    ticket into support.
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