Piece of Note part 1,2,3

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Can anyone tell me how to get peice of note part 3. What is the secret behind it.


As soon as I get the first one I will tell you all the secret :)

luks like u are also gonna have an adventure wid part 1 like romelis...who is searching it everywhere it seems....:D....

part 1 is about luck.....just believe in destiny and god u will get it...


part 1 can be found from any 60% luck jobs, right?

then how come i never find anything (products, items, notes) transporting ammo?


Because you're unlucky I suppose. :)

Just ask Romelis how much time he has spent working on high Luck jobs (is plural correct here?). It aint easy finding!


Hm... Have anyone ever found Piece#1 on jobs with 80+ %Luck? Because I work only there last 2 weeks and thought maybe there's also hi-luck restriction on such drop, and I need to return to low % like ammo and firefighter...
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ive been doing selling and trading indians also evangelizing (yes it ahs less than 60% luck but someone claimed they found note 1 here)

now im going to switch to transporting ammo and firefighter...


he has about 140 trading with his best gear, we`re in same world so i checked it out




found my part one while trading with indians. was only the 12th hour of trading with them when i found it.


un*censored* believable

in total sums i did more than 300h of high luck jobs. its *censored* not fair


So how in the world do you get the 3rd piece? I'm sitting here with pt 1 and 2 and could really use a weapon to hold off these greedy duelers until I lvl up. People say a quest but I can't find which one gives it to me.
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