Piece of Note part 1,2,3

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by syedinam, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. pi-man

    pi-man Guest

    yes, but no PA
  2. pi-man

    pi-man Guest

    They are constantly increasing, and are now at 52.

    Most recent:
    2 hours and...$325
    6 hours and...$325
    4 hours and...$1075
    6 hours and...$900
    10 hours and...$1200
    10 hours and...$1000
    4 hours and...$1075
    2 hours and...$1000
    6+ hours and...$
  3. Romelis

    Romelis Guest

    you are my personal hero. thanks pal. ill go transporting ammo from now on :)
    premium, you mean higher wages ?
  4. pi-man

    pi-man Guest

    I'm jealous again...all I want is a lousy note:sad:
  5. Phantomn

    Phantomn Guest

    in w7 i already found part 1 twice,in different jobs....
  6. Bobbyfreddy3

    Bobbyfreddy3 Guest

    lucky you cough*showoff*cough :blink:
  7. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    There's absolutely no question that item quality increases with LP. Besides the fact that help agrees, do any high luck job for many levels and there is a very obvious increase in the value of items found. I only mentioned high luck jobs because you're more likely to really pay attention to what you're getting, plus a percentage gain is more obvious when the initial value at low LP is higher.
  8. Romelis

    Romelis Guest

    ok, so if noet 1 is such a rare drop, why dont we go for it in 4x 30min stints instead of 2h...

    do items drop according to the same order as the products do ?
  9. Mekolp

    Mekolp Guest

    because you don't have to be online every hour, only every 4 hours.
  10. MisterGadilf

    MisterGadilf Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2008
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    Because 'help' states you have a better chance of finding something the longer you work at a job...
  11. pi-man

    pi-man Guest

    If you work for 2 hours, you are 4 times more likely to find it than if you work for 30 minutes.
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  12. They don't mean literally as with a greater percentage ... it is a generalized statement.

    Doing 1x2hr vs 4x30 minutes has a negligible difference in the chance of finding an item like boots or notes. If you're looking at a 3% chance of an event and change the outcome by a total of less then 1% of the 3% you're looking at a 0.0003% difference.

    (Doing 4x30 minute jobs has almost 1% gain versus 1x2hours when it comes to finding items or products BUT the base chance is so low on finding items that the overall chance of getting an item does not increase enough to warrant doing 30 minute jobs versus doing 2 hour jobs. The reason for the difference is due to the way Motivation is rounded, and this was confirmed by a Developer.)
  13. You have over 500 posts ... how could you possibly think this is true ?

    See my post above ... doing jobs for 2 hours actually lessens your chance of getting an item or a note albeit by a very very very small amount ...
  14. pi-man

    pi-man Guest

    I have over 500 posts? When did that happen?

    I was going to go into the rounding to say that 4*30 minutes is better, but I decided not to because the amount is so small (it would take an extremely large test sample to prove the difference).
  15. pi-man

    pi-man Guest


    geez me and words today...
  16. pi-man

    pi-man Guest

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  17. Shark23

    Shark23 Guest

    I found piece part 2 after 1 hour of trading with only 1 LP.
  18. Romelis

    Romelis Guest

    note 2 is not interesting since you can get htat with quest.
    note 3 is also not interesting...

    the one that is the most difficult to get is note 1
  19. pi-man

    pi-man Guest

    don't you need 1 and 2 to get 3?
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