Piece of Note part 1,2,3

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I'm curious about the legitimacy of Morthy's claims...But that would be an awesome quest series.


i say we start a protest against the posting of MORE spoilers on getting hernandos sword or the pieces of a note. the purpose of a secret is for people to figure it out on their own. those who are active in the forums have already been rewarded with the knowledge, and if others cant search the forums for it on their own, then they shouldn't get the knowledge. im starting a thread.
Just for that, I'm going to post everything.


The eggs thing was part of an April fools joke. If you look at the names of the quest in the series the first letter in each quest going from top to bottom spells April fools.

Back on topic. Loki people seem to be very secretive about how you get the other piece of the note. Those who know don't tell and those who don't know cant tell. I cant tell because I don't know. I have read that some more information has been posted on the forum in the past and it is just a matter of searching for it.


Yes, its all posted. The people that have waded through all the other meaningless speculation just want everyone else to have to suffer the same tedious search they did to obtain it.


im still wonder greatly, if certain limit of LP increase the chance of finding piece note 1 ? or is it just you have to have at least 1 LP in high luck job to get it... in such case selling guns to indians is best choise, otherwise one should go to transporting ammo...

and im still not sure whats better ? i


maybe i can help you with the piece of note part 3 ;)
maybe i know where you can get it....
in every way i will ot tell you all :bandit:

am i able to post a tipp(@ mods) when yes then tell me or write me pn....

Violette LeDrunc

You can't post spoilers on the forum, bloodhunter. But people are free to PM you if they want to.


no i dont need part 3 thank you.

im interested in part 1, and now wondering whats the best way of getting it


yes its common known knowledge, im just wondering does the number of LP does influence the chance of getting it ? cus some ppl claim, that there is some sort of limit of LP which you must have, else you just dont get part 1.

i managed to fish out, that for lower high luck jobs, its about ~90-100LP and for higher high luck jobs its certainly lower...

to put this in ex, is it like, should i do trading with indians at 71LP or selling guns to indians at 1 LP ?


I would do selling guns because there isn't really any proof than LP affects it.


I'm still trying to figure out how to get part 3 :(
Your just trying to find it for me ;) haah

I got part one while doing Firefighter, and still trying to find out how to get part 3, if anyone wants to tell me, pm me haha (dont have part 2 yet, but will shortly)


There's rumors all over this thread

I can't find the one in the world 1 forum (I think there was one...)
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