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Piece of Note part 1,2,3

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If you didnt want to know about it, why read a thread about it? Its only going to contain stuff you obviously dont want to read.

BTW, NOTE PART 1 FROM selling guns to indians

man i read about everything!
im interested to see what is written bit like my sunday newspaper...
do i have to explain every single thing i do???
im writing this message to answer your weird question.


i read this forum more than i read the paper. and i read the paper everyday. i also can read very fast, but im still reading.



Seriously people, it's not that hard to find info on Hernando's sword. I just started searching the forums yesterday, and already have a pretty good idea on how to find the sword.

And the reason that there's so many threads to look through is because of the people like you who keep making more and are too lazy to search.


Frankly I can't see what the big deal is.

Even when you know what you have to do, doing it requires a reasonably specific skill build, AND you need to rely on a lot of luck to get the note pieces...


no, we aren't killing you, we're killing all of the people who makes these kinds of threads.


yes, but its not only you. 80% of the threads on these forums end up being questions that have already been answered.




I'm just wondering because some items aren't good enough to be found at the higher-luck jobs, like you don't usually find anything worth less than $200 transporting ammo...


well, fine, i'll answer you. part 3 cant be found. it is a task. you wont get it from doing a job.


The truth revealed lol
Now my questions are starting to be answered (I was hypothesizing, but I don't trust myself :))


I'm sure Scary found Part 1 ... he forgot to use his fingers to count :p


i found all the notes:
(1) i found it while i was sleeping,i think the person who was sleeping last night forgot it.
(2) i found it after 10 minutes playing bowling.
(3) well its fake but the stupid Indian didnt realize that.
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