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ive been in touch with a lot of awesome duelers and weve all been getting the same results.

put it this way:
i was jus attacked by aplayer who has 23 appearance(with clothes) and 120 aim.
this player is half built for a specific job and 8 levels lower than me.
my tactics are 91(182with premium) with 160 dodge.
yesterday it was impossible for this player to land a hit on me.
today this player hit me 50% of the time!!!!!!!!

this has happened to other duelers who are showing insane aim and dodge.
appearance doest do a thing any more, and insane aim and dodge doesnt cut it either.
so when inno said they were nerfing resist, that for me is a complete lie.
everything got nerfed EXCEPT resist.

for me this is the end of dueling completely.
you dont need to be skilful to land hits.
might as well just toss a coin to see who is the best at dueling.

needless to say when you have a skilful player up against an average player and the outcome is as predictable as the weather, then why would you need to be a skilful player?
this can only lead to one thing. skilful duelists quiting the game.
and thus the end of dueling completely.

I have always enjoyed dueling, it is by far the best entertainment for active players.
for sure FBs are awesome too, but thats once or twice a day, no need to be mega active for that.

im not sure i understand where inno want to take this, but i would like them to be aware of popular demand, in their best interest.
for sure I myself dont know the outcome, maybe people want to get rid of dueling?
either way it would be good to know, for the community and for inno.
please what are your thoughts?
please give us a poll?
thak you for your time


21 appearance thank you very much! And I suicided for the cause even!

Now on a serious note... I have to agree for once. I should not be able to hit someone with that much defensive power. Something has gone seriously wrong with dueling and not in a good way. Sure, I giggle over the fact I can hit people now, but I'm willing to trade those giggles for a more appropriate result in the dueling area. if that means returning dueling to it's former settings, so be it.


Seriously your aim is 10 my dodging is 1000000000 and you land all 8 hits on me successfully in areas I protect by movements. That's the old system.

Oh and resistance... A player with 0 aim, 67358467345 reflex, the same toughness and 347568378734685763264534 vigor hits me all 8 times. That's also the old system.

Neo, I'll never vote for the old system. Sorry. The old system had to go, if you have an idea how to make it more logical than the new system, do the calc, do the idea, I'll support it by all means.


Seriously your aim is 10 my dodging is 1000000000 and you land all 8 hits on me successfully in areas I protect by movements. That's the old system.

Oh and resistance... A player with 0 aim, 67358467345 reflex, the same toughness and 347568378734685763264534 vigor hits me all 8 times. That's also the old system.

Neo, I'll never vote for the old system. Sorry. The old system had to go, if you have an idea how to make it more logical than the new system, do the calc, do the idea, I'll support it by all means.

man i dont understand what you mean?
old system was perfect, now itsa toss a coin game.
ive got insane aim and dodge for my level and im getting hit by noob workers who have no aim and no dodge???
how is that logical?

go andtry it for yourself.
go and hit a guy you know is way better than you at dueling.
you might even win.
check it for yourself.


Mixed results

I am a dueler on some worlds and have been dueled by someone with lesser values, usually winning by a large margin; yet my revenge hits meet with completely opposite results. A level 79 dueler, with all attributes favoring that character, should not lose to someone of a lower level and an adventurer.
Not sure when the design changed, but do think a rare instance of losing to someone of lesser ability is fair (lucky shots), but not on a constant basis. This may be a minor scripting error and just needs input from the players.

BTW: Where are the advocates for the worlds? I thought we were supposed to hear from them once in awhile?


If this is what we are stuck with I'll mosy on down the road.I'll wait till the bugs are shaken out but I'm now 3-9 loss in dueling with the new system.Is this now a game of luck?I'm going to go hit a few more heavy hitters and see how this shakes out.


I do agree with Neo, It's unacceptable. I re-skill to be a dueler by adding tons of skill points to my appearance and tactic, and my aiming and dodging is over 100 too, but once I attacked a guy who I'm sure his tactic was less than my appearance (over 200), I got KOed!!! He was a good dueler, but I've never lost that much (near 2k) in a duel!!! :(

Davey Boyd

Im with you on this one Neo. Duelling should not be a second thought for mediocre fort fighters. Let's rally Inno to nerf the aim of fort fighters and nerf the dodge in fort fights as well and listen to what people have to say about that.

You still have the ability to be a great pure fort fighter and now the ability to be a great pure dueller has been reduced to the detriment of the game.

Bring back the old!


im against you all(apart from Joxer)! i have resistance characters, appearance and dodge heavy characters and for me this systems much MUCH better and the 6 or 7 people i regularly duel with agree. Sure i've lost duels since the update but im not complaining! where was the fun in knowing your gonna win 100% of the time? how about everyone thats complainin just moves some appearance and tactics into dodging?

i see people complaining their gettin hit well iv just moved all my skills round on one of my characters and made it a dodge and aim heavy build and its working great, maybe not as good as my previous resistance build ye but even i agree they had to go, it was getting boring with one select character build dominating the dueling front now theres a challenge so whys everyone complaining!? all you need to do is balance your characters and adjust them to the update and its fine!


I agree with you -neo- but so far this didn't effect me because I have 50 aim, dogding, app., tactics, and 100 shooting and I just did three duels and made everyone pass out. and THats what always happened to those people



Ever since Golden Weapons were introduced, duelling has been dead. Anyone with a golden weapon can almost always defeat anyone without a golden weapon. The stats anbd strategies that used to be important are now irrelevant


i should agree with Neo,, in w6 i have a Tank almost 8k,, & i was a meat till yesterday,, & now i can win ,, lol i like it,, but seriously,, Inno's updates are always like Rolling Dices & i have to say It's not Good, we are not here to roll the dice & see what happens,, this game should be played by logic & Brain,, if i have 150 dodge 150 aim & 200 Vigour i should do massive damage & dodge the hits,, but when i loose to a pure FMS player,, that is just Wrong ,, I have to say Fort battles are almost Died in many servers,, & ppl just don't care,, if you do not change the Duelling to the way it was,, the whole game might Die as well,, cause the west was based on the duells always & then fort fights ,, so with both of them being Killed by you,, it's no more fun playing this game & especially spending Nuggets on that.


Inno ur loosing ur touch.This is simply insane what u did whit dueling.
I have chars on w1,8,10,11,12,14 all for dueling.All i know is to duel, and i duel like i'm the king.But from yesterday that thing changed.U realize what u did whit this new update?U made simple farmers and workers being able to defend them self from a the best assasin in the world whit out any help.It's like putting a welder to do brain surgery.Lame....u destroy our game.


Well the old duelling system wasn't very good but it was acceptable.Now it doesn't have any logic. Where can I see what they changed to this system? At least I'll see what "smart" changes they made. :)


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I have to agree with Neo... and many of the others who have expressed concern over the recent change in dueling.

First... fort battles... The more HP you have, the better your results... leaving those who do not wish to specialize in fort battles on the sidelines. I used to LOVE fort battles. But since it's now all about getting as much HP together and piling on the flag... There's no strategy or skills behind it anymore. We've already lost some great players because of this.

Now... dueling? Dueling was here LONG before forts ever came into play... Now, those who want to specialize in dueling are being weakened to the point where they can't win against fort fighters, questers and workers? How in the heck is that even remotely fair? Because of this update... we're going to wind up losing even more people as they leave the game for other games.

Please remember Inno, you aren't the only ones making online games. Bring back the old dueling system. This one has no logic behind it.

Ryan Perez

It is funny when you read the German change log:

Anpassungen am Duellsystem (Bisher nur auf der PublicBeta aktiv, um Daten zu sammeln)

It translates to something like that: Dueling system has been changed (only active on BETA to collect more data)

I don't know if Diggo has forgotten to turn it off :laugh:

Darth Maul 2

In beta I have 89 appearence and a little aim and dodge and I think I´m still doing well there!


I must admit that i havent felt any change to the app/tactic change...
I dont have any builds BASED on appearence, but i have a few mixed up with aim/doge/app and since the update my duels havent changed at all...
the only place i have a build BASED on appearence is the beta... and even there i cant feel any difference...
But if you guys can feel the change... them lets get back to the old system... for me it doesnt matter at all...


I am not a dueler my self, and have not to much knowledge of what has happened with dueling after the update. Anyway, I do not think it is fair that people speced for dueling (High aim, dodge. apperance) loose more or less everytime when they are attacking people with poor defencive skills.

I support Neo in this matter.

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