Petition for a new classic world !


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Hello fellows,

As the title states I am looking to gather signatures for a petition addressed to INNO - for them to release a new world which will bring back the classic game.
YES - the game we all knew before , with the old job system, with chat included though, with the old dueling system, with the old Fort Fight formula - that period of time where we had GG stack formula - was the best FF ever in the history of this game....with old standard gear, no tombola items.....etc
in the name of OLD west players PLEASE give us the opportunity to re-live this game and enjoy what brought us and kept us here for so many years.
Let's try and get enough signatures and make this happen.

PS: If any MOD would be kind enough to make this sticky would be appreciated


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I am in favour of this.
Heck, I'd even pay some nugs just to be able to play this (subscription based maybe). Players are happy they get to play the classic world. Old players might come back and breath some life into the game. And if you make us pay, this becomes viable as a money maker or at least breaking even on the classic world with the benefit of gaining some activity on the other worlds as new and old players join for the classic game and are thirsty for more.
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no. new game is not all that good but old game was as stale as a 3 month old bread kept in a dank boot
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With the amount of bugs that keep occuring in the normal west I would hate to see how many would pop up in the old classic version and it's too much of a hassle having 2 completely separate servers. This game is dynamic and constantly changing (some updates for the better and some for the worse). The only thing you have to get used to is the plethora of tombola events and new sets but once you find a way to deal with it this game ain't that bad.


Everything is fine but the fort battles and too many new sets all they need to do is have a world without the new formula and no sets events. I think that most people with the skill set they have should do that easy and they will be rewarded by more activity mainly from old fighters.

Nobody that is fighting now will ever get the buzz in battles when we didn't have the new formula that is fact. Teamwork was better more numbers all the stats back up that this way was best not saying it was perfect but least it exciting.

el imbatible

Bad news everybody.

This has been requested numerous times on the beta as well as on other worlds.
This is not going to happen ever.

Sorry to burst your bubble on this :(
I too would love to play in a classic server, but alas...