Pete's Fort Fighting Guide to Move Order


and elmo, it's different for attackers, they first move then shoot

Apparently you've never broken a block. When I KO the last defender in a sector, I move into the sector. Could you explain how that's possible if I move before I shoot?


The battle log will always say that you advanced then the shots taken and dodges and then who you shot at. But do this quick easy little test: move to somewhere you do not have line of sight on anybody, from a position where you do have line of sight on defenders. Assuming that not all defenders move from your line of sight (cause if they all do, you are not going to shoot), you will shoot at one of them and then move. The next round you move from the position with no line of sight on anybody to a position with line of sight again. For that round you do not shoot, unless a defender does move in your line of sight. Defenders shoot, then move, then attackers shoot and then move. It's just the way it is. The confusion is caused by defenders who move first and can get in your line of sight or move away from your line of sight, before you shoot as an attacker.


To summarize:

1. Defenders shoot
2. Defenders move
3. Attackers shoot
4. Attackers move

The list in the OP would be clearer if it separated this list from movement priority based on town, rank, and skills.