Pathogen immunity in humans

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*Immunologic memory is an amazing and beautiful thing. For pathogens that don’t change much from one encounter to the next, it can provide us with lifelong protection. However, preformed immunity can come with caveats for pathogens that have evolved mechanisms that allow them to vary their antigenic structure. During secondary encounters with a pathogen that bears a strong molecular resemblance to an agent seen in the past (i.e., we have already developed adaptive immunity to some of the epitopes), memory cells specific for previously encountered epitopes are engaged rapidly and efficiently. As long as these cells and their products, like antibodies, can dispatch the pathogen efficiently, there is no need to mount a primary response to any new epitopes carried by that pathogen. In fact, the presence of antibodies attached to a pathogen, either as residuals from a recent infection or produced by reactivation of memory B cells, will divert naïve B cells from responding (Figure 17-4a). This occurs when the Fc region of the pathogen-associated antibody binds with Fc receptors on naïve B cells, inducing anergy.

Basically what that says is that when your immune system develops immunity to a specific strain that doesn't change you have LIFELONG immunity. Straight from a medical textbook, LIFELONG. Don't believe this bull**** you are being fed about immunity lasting only a few months. Lies!!! It also says that when your immune system encounters a virus that is very similar to another it has developed immunity to it will defer to those antibodies as a first attack on the new, somewhat familiar strain. Your body thinks "Why make some new antibodies if the old antibodies will work or will be a suitable base to modify current antibodies to handle the new strain?" Covid-19 has 2 strains. If you have had the vaccine and/or the actual virus for the first one you now have LIFELONG immunity to that specific strain and IF you caught the Delta strain your body would be one leg up already on creating effective antibodies. Once more, as I have linked below, this comes straight from a textbook used in medical studies. This did not come from Jim Joe Bob's medicine for stupid people blog site.

* Kuby Immunology 8th Edition


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Given the person has a good healthy life, good diet, healthy lifestyle to support the person's antibody, sure..

But those ain't the case for most people. They would already struggle upping their antibody, let alone having it in a prime shape to form a good immunity against new type of enemies.
So, I think it make sense to me that during this pandemic, where the vaccine ain't perfect yet, but the virus keep on mutating and spreading, so need to update the version on our body too. just like antivirus on a PC.
Just my personal view :)

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Irrelevant. Once your body learns how to produce a specific antibody it will retain that ability for life. That's science dude, not an opinion.

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Once your body learns how to produce a specific antibody it will retain that ability for life. That's science dude, not an opinion.

Nope - that is your opinion. Science says "For pathogens that don’t change much from one encounter to the next, it can provide us with lifelong protection."

Do you see the difference between "it can" and "it will"? Let me give you a few examples:
Innogames can fix FF formula and tower bonuses <> Innogames will fix FF formula and tower bonuses
Elon Musk can give Tucker Blue $1000000 <> Elon Musk will give Tucker Blue $1000000
Jim Joe Bob can read and understand a medical textbook <> Jim Joe Bob will read and understand a medical textbook

Not to mention the part that says "pathogens that have evolved mechanisms that allow them to vary their antigenic structure". After we have seen SARS-CoV-2 go from the original variant to 4 variants of concern (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) as well as several other that are under investigation, you're telling us there's no chance for new variants that will bypass the immunity one gets by being exposed to one of the current variants? Brave statement.

If you're using science as an argument, then be aware that scientists who have learned from those same textbooks you're quoting, as well as those who have written many medical textbooks - they did not throw away the possibility that a booster shot will be needed. Booster shots were not invented this year. They are a part of medical practice for decades and they have proven their usefulness.

Of course, if one wants to interpret "it can happen" as "it will happen", feel free to gamble. You can survive the fall from the 10th floor, but would you jump?

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Everyone really should be doing their own research, considering their own health/risks and making decisions accordingly.

Immunologic memory efficacy varies in people and is by no means a given. Also it can/does fade over time depending on the disease, hence why we have booster shots after some years for tetanus or yellow fever etc. Having said that for the average person ,fit , healthy etc it does provide excellent protection in the short to medium term. Its why most dont get sick from the same virus or strain variations for a couple of seasons/years, however over time that can wane but we are usually talking years rather than months.

For sure the efficacy of these new "vaccines" is proving to be limited vs even the slightest change in variant, we can see this in places like Israel having a hard time with delta despite a very high population jab rate or Singapore ( the highest in the world ) despite the case rates being similar to before when their Vacc rate was 0, now with 77% vaccinated the current wave fatality rate is actually double.

Then there is the theory of viral load to add into the mix, that everyone is biologically different and unique, plus its not even understood exactly how transmission takes place or whether a virus is even alive or not.

As time goes on its looking like Cov2 SARS isnt naturally occurring or evolved Virus at all but likely a Chimera created in a lab attempting gain of function specifically targeting transmission in humans. Why ? Because science i guess or military/bio-engineering interest ....... All very troubling regardless.