Parish bullet shop is recruiting!

If you like an invitation please contact in world 1 one of the founders or Councillor.Telegram one of them and hopefully this town will be a raising star with your help and support.We have room for 45 more members i think we can manage that.

UPDATE: I am still recruiting so please join my town to help it come back to the greatness which where it was.
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"Any post that doesn't involve YOU personally either finding a town to join, or finding a recruit will be infracted."

I'm posting this as a reminder. Also, posts that are blatant infractions aren't forgiven just because there are deleted by the user after posting.
A lot more are wanted please join our one,only and one of the oldest towns which is now named as parish bullet shop......the old name was 000 tombstone parish so please send me a telegram tyvm anyways.
Well no one wants to get into my town :blink: is it because of the red?Is it because i don't have the grey anymore?Well i don't think that matters because about 99% of the red rep was from derek.

Because he really loves giving me red rep for no reason or just to make me look bad.
Maybe.....well we will see if that's true.My campaign is still in progress....Join while its still here if you don't want to than its no problem have fun anyways.
A lot more room up to 30 more players.The town will survive hopefully so everyone is welcome as current rank special thanks to everyone and god.Current ranking is not our goal but your happiness in our town is our goal.I hope you had a good year with Parish Bullet Shop.
Anyone might want to send a telegram??

Feel free to ask :D

One of the best towns in the-west and certainly the oldest!

Its the last parish town from the parish empire!