ownable Awesomnia fort


Please make Awesomnia fort in center map ownable, so alliances can fight over its ownership. The reason Awsomnia is almost never attacked, is because it cannot be owned. Owning big center fort would be a nice display of power for alliances, which they would want to fight for. That would increase amount of big fort battles fighting for it and therefore result in more players evenutaly joining them.

Making Awsomnia ownable should require minimum code change, probably just some copy and paste code.
Give me thumbs up on this so it can happen.


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I would love to own it so that everyone can share the barracks in the 4 big alliances. Growth for all.


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Barracks in the middle of map, around the Mid-county Jobs sound amazing :cooln:
I mean I wish it was just open to everyone already, with a Bank nearby (since it's a "Neutral" fort) :'P

And, Player base ain't so great anymore.. So I wish they just had constant Events there every week or so. (With someone to rank Defense)
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the fort in the middle of the map is being used for event fort fights dug by mods on many other worlds but .NET thus it cannot be owned by anyone else but mod towns.
Since those event forts fights do happen very regularly on other worlds with many special prizes for players, i doubt very much that any other world would like for those event fort fights to stop, therefore everyone will be against the fort in the middle of the map to be owned by anyone else but mod town.

I can deduct that it will be pretty impossible and unlikely to change the ownership of this fort just on .NET worlds simply because we dont have event fort fights here. I'd rather have event fort fight here that not only provide additional prizes but also promote fort fights among players, more so then if any alliance would have owned that fort.

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No, absolutely no player ownership of awesomia. We already have waaay too many domination worlds. No way give awesomia to the dominators also. Besides, it is a GM & event fort for inno's special use.

Yes we definitely need more event battles at awesomia! They wake up the dead domination worlds where ffers have given up. Absolutely YES YES YES!
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