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I would like to propose a system that will make the experience gained after level 120 more useful. It does not have a purpose at the moment, besides being able to advance on the rankings.

Current Workaround

After you reach level 120, all experience gained will count towards a new level system, called outlaw levels. You start at outlaw level 0 and can level up all the way to level 60 (this number and the name can be changed of course).

This will not just be for the sake of having some extra levels, they will provide benefits.
Once you reach level 120, you will see an extra number just below your player name in the avatar area (visual aid nr. 1). This number will be coloured differently and will reflect your current outlaw level. The experience bar on the bottom of your screen will of course show the progress towards the next level.
The experience needed to level is to be determined. It can be a continuation of the current formula, it could be double that, or it could be an entirely different formula. The idea is that it should take some time to gain a level though.

Your public profile will also show your current outlaw level, I put it below the duelling level but it could be in another spot (visual aid nr. 2).
There can also be an additional row in the rankings to show a player's outlaw level, looks like there's plenty of room left for that.

Now on to the benefits, every level you gain will award you with 1 point you can spend on various bonuses. These bonuses are:
- Increased duelling experience (duelling experience only, regular experience gained from a duel will stay the same)
- Increased money gained from jobs and duels
- Increased luck chance on jobs
- Increased speed on the map
- Increased product drop chance

Each point spent increases the bonus by 1% (visual aid nr. 3). An option could be added to free up some points or reset the entire thing in exchange for some money, bonds or nuggets.
A maximum could be set on the amount of points you can put into one bonus (e.g. 40%), to prevent stacking of that bonus.

Abuse Prevention
This will not make characters overpowered.

Visual Aids


This system will provide players with something they can do with their experience after reaching level 120, as there is currently no use besides the rankings.


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Indeed, I would not vote no based on the name. Maybe sometime like legendary levels? I don't know.


The voting process for this idea has ended. Since the approval rating is above 80%, the idea will be sent to developers. Congratulations.

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