OT is now a Religion free zone.

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Betsy, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. Betsy

    Betsy Guest

    There will be no more threads in OT dedicated to Religion. There are forums galore that are available to anyone who wishes to chat about Religion with others of their faith or to debate with those of differing faiths.

    And before anyone thinks to come back with "What about the Church of the Onion?", let me just say that that is a prime example of what should be posted in OT. Cute, lighthearted and not in the slightest provocative. Fun. Which is what OT is meant to be all about.
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  2. Yeeee-haaah!
  3. It's about time! Good decision, Betsy. :)
  4. John Rose

    John Rose Guest

    Ah, Onionism. The way of the OT.

  5. Macky55

    Macky55 Guest


    The onion church is not provocative???

    What would the believers of cheese think about that ?
    Be careful what you say before you say it, or there will be a great war of religions :nowink:
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  6. lord3angle

    lord3angle Guest

    I'm a bit disappointed Betsy; but what else can I do? You're the mod and in authority even if its a bit prejudicial.

    It would have been better to just let a thread for religion alone. Furthermore, the provocations in that thread are done by those who just can't leave it alone.

    Anyway, still I hope you would reconsider, even if the light of hope would be very much dim.
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  7. Betsy

    Betsy Guest

    You may call me prejudicial if you choose. I take no offense to that.

    There will no longer be any threads devoted to religion in this forum.
  8. I jump for joy. The all powerful Onion has prevailed.
  9. John Rose

    John Rose Guest


    Onion with you sister Betsy, you truly are a saint for banishing all false religions!
  10. Hellstromm

    Hellstromm Guest

    No l3, there was provocation on both sides, you just didn't see it because of your faith blinders. But I think the more important thing here, l3, is that the word was not well received, or resulting in something not amenable, therefore to continue posting merely fueled the fire. Thus I can readily say that having the daily gospel, and then the daily insights, threads hurt your alleged agenda far more than anything else. In that alone, it would have been prudent to have discontinued it of your own volition. That you did not --- caused many to question your agenda or, at the least, your wisdom.

    So yes, OT is about fun. I approve of Betsy's decision to remove contentious discussion from OT. You may pose debate/discussion where it is expected --- in the D&D section --- within the section rules/guidelines posted here: (D&D Guidelines)
  11. Diggo11

    Diggo11 InnoGames

    Nov 26, 2008
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    Just to clarify, may we still have religious references? For example can we start a daily thread posting proverbs from china, household sayings, popular expressions, the bible, etc so long as we don't preach one religion and instead focus on just the meaning? I know this is what daily insights was meant to be, but if we do it in an objective non religion base manner (yet partially sourced) is that fine?
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  12. Hellstromm

    Hellstromm Guest

    That was the intent of Daily Insights, but it failed. Reread that thread from beginning to end and you'll see why such an endeavor just won't work.
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  13. Blondie14

    Blondie14 Guest

    However, if a thread to atheism were created, non of you would close it, instead would welcome it with open arms. Perhaps someone should rewrite the rules saying how you can't insult someone, but it's perfectly acceptable to bash their beliefs. I do believe that counts as an insult.
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  14. John Rose

    John Rose Guest

    Atheism isn't a religion, but I guess they don't teach you that in your book of fantasies ;)
  15. Betsy

    Betsy Guest

    This was an announcement, not a point of discussion or debate. This thread is now closed.
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