Option to show AFK in chat


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Ability to show AFK. (possibly offline mode as well, can't remember if that part was suggested before)

Current Workaround
Type in chat that you are going AFK.

Sometimes you go AFK for a while or briefly during battle. This would reduce situations in battles where the leader is screaming for someone to move despite them saying 10 minutes ago that they were going AFK.

Abuse Prevention
People pretend to be afk now anyway, this gives them the option to appear AFK. People may forget to toggle AFK when they come back just as they might forget to say 'Back' when they come back using the 'traditional' method.

Visual Aids
Click your name and the popout box thingy appears. Click to toggle AFK then you appear blue.

Would make it easy for people in battle chat to see if you had to step away for whatever reason, would also be useful in town/alliance/whisper chat for people to be able to know if you are around or not.

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