Option to not use FF buffs for Adventure


Add an option into the adventure lobby to not use any active FF buff for the upcoming adventure.

Current Workaround
If you play a lot of FF and Adventure, you either have to use FF buffs for adventure or only use one time use FF buffs.

For FF's I use the ammunition slide buff since it's very cost-efficient. The problem with this and similar FF buffs is, that they have multiple uses.
If you want to play adventures you will use up this FF buff even though you don't want to.
It would be great if we could individually decide if we want to use our current FF buff for the adventure or not in the adventure lobby.

Abuse Prevention
Can't think of any way to abuse this.

Visual Aids

In my opinion it will make adventures a little more appealing since you don't waste active FF buffs.

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I don't know if it is a good idea, but that in adventures I could improve clothes and weapons it would be good

Ms. Demeanor

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It does suck, I don't use FF buffs at all now because I adventure way too often.

I was told that in the past the buffs would work but not use up a charge and then they changed that. I actually like this idea a lot more than the system we currently have which basically favours a small group of players with obscene product drop setups and that's about it.

It's also affecting whether people will play certain matchups because they don't want to waste buffs on a loss.


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another way to solve the problem: get rid of adventures. that's the best fix they can do
Adventures are the most neglected feature, they just added a few things to it. And then called it a day unfortunately.

Rounds rotation and barrels count for your opposition.

Plans were made>Group adventure team, bear hunt, free for all game mode and probably more game modes.

What happened to all those features is just beyond me. Can you imagine playing a whole team against a bear which can be another player? So much lost potential.