Operation: Warden


"Simple enough." Tom muttered to himself as he followed Jacquen back down the stairs to the ship.
They were about to rob a high-security bank. Honourable soldiers to bank-robbers in a matter of hours.
What a transition.
Tom smiled to himself, ah well, who cared as long as he got paid at the end of the day?
He moved over to a rock and sat down, watching the techies do their work.


Frank received no reply from Trace and left, he would have to figure out the stuff on his own. He spent the rest of the journey sleeping and then as they arrived he slipped on some high grade body armour under his clothes. More inconspicuous that Tom's large duffel coat, and if it all hit the fan then he also had a helmet in his rucksack. He picked up his pistol and Uzis and holstered the pistol, putting the two Uzis in sheaths on his calves. It may seem a bit stupid to some people but it made them more accessible in the heat of battle and considering this planet and what they were about to do, this most likely was going to be a battle.


After the döner kebabs had been made and delivered, Rolf retired to his cabin, waiting for the trip to end. As they neared Nova, Rolf changed into a business suit, a three piece brown pinstripe with matching tie, and brown dress shoes. He opted to not wear any battle armour, feeling it would add bulkiness and ruin the look of the businessman, but did opt for a bulletproof vest style chest plate, adding to the look of the businessman in hostile territory. Rolf stepped outside after grabbing a briefcase with fake documents about the company, and a product sample, Rolf’s sidearm, with a couple of modifications, including a scope that folded away from the sidearm and a .

Outside, Rolf observed the technicians working on the Warden, and hoped they wouldn’t try and steal anything. He walked up to the rest of the group. “We’re going to break into a bank. But not yet. I think we should check into a hotel first, then I planned on going to the bank, and opening an account. This will allow me to get a look at the inside of the place, without raising suspicion. To add to the credibility, I think someone should pose as a bodyguard. They’ll also be able to get a good look at the bank. Maybe even sneak off for a bit to see restricted places. What do you think?”


Moving to join the two human's both of whom were looking decidedly bulky despite their attempts to hide the combat armour they wore Jacquen watched as Rolf strolled down the ships gantry to join them dressed in a suit and sporting a briefcase.
After offering his former commanding officer a brief nod of his head in greeting Jacquen listen's as he outlines his plan to enter the bank under the guise of opening an account with them and suggesting that one of them accompanied him as a bodyguard "Perhaps one of these would be best suited for the role?" Jacquen suggested indicating the two humans as they more looked the part than he did "Also may this one suggest you use the opportunity to identify the manager then this one could tail him home" however it wouldn't be much later in the day that the manager would leave and so he would have plenty of time to recon the surrounding buildings after all the last thing they wanted to find out was that the bank was built next to a private security company.


Frank listened and as Jacquen suggested him or Tom he said "I'll do it. I could easily pass as a bodyguard." With his muscled features and a couple of battle scars he fitted the role of bodyguard very well.


Tom nodded as Rolf outlined his plan, and Frank volunteered.
"I'll wait outside the bank as backup in case things get sticky, although they better not." He said coldly.
"And whilst we're doing that, perhaps Jacquen and Jack can tour around town, gather up what information they can, and any equipment they think we'll need.