Resolved one button from uniform still missing


Hello. I am soldier at 36 level. I cant finish quest, because one button from uniform still missing? Where can I find it? :unsure: Thanks


You need to be at the old fort on a Sunday... With uniform fitted.


One more time: Where can I get button for umiform?
Pastor brahms said:

The avenger (Pastor Brahms)

Guard: Pastor Brahms only talks to soldiers. And he's only here on Sundays!

Requires: Reward: Uniform 0/1
You can complete this quest on a Sunday. (Done)
Go to Old fort (Done)
Guarding the fort (8 hours) (Done)

+ $ 400
+ 200 Experience points

Accept quest Complete quest Cancel quest

And Maya said:

The avenger (Tailored uniform)

Maya Roalstad: Looks like new again. A few buttons are still missing. I'm going to look if I find some at home. You now look like a soldier again though.

Target: Come back on Thursday.

Requires: Reward: Burned uniform 1/1 (Done)
You can complete this quest on a Thursday. (Done)


You have already completed this quest.
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What I have to do To get that buttons?
Thanks For answers!