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Idk, kinda agree with my boy darku, you cant kill my boy kodiak and then not put it for a cheaper price.. not to mention hawaiian... only good for nothing, still same price as 10 years ago.


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New Item: Legendary Premium Chest
Cost: 3000 Bonds (Yes, you'll have to be super careful in how you save!)
Contains: Even percentages for one item from Old Item Sale 2023


These are sets that belong in the UP shop permanently. And Hawaiian price should be 1/3rd of its current price. Outrageous.

Please view this comment as a suggestion. My choice of words might be seen as negative, apologies for that.

This sale is great for the people who were after these sets. I would have been very happy too (after all, the first nugget set I bought more then 2 years ago was the deputy chef set, and I was very happy with it). Having them in the UP shop permanently perhaps might be more interesting though. Adds a new dynamic to the game.
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