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I see the tombola in this world is going to cost the top few players well over 1000 euro in real money. Would it not be fair to offer anyone who has more then 500 levels a reward for there $$$$. I was thinking a inno belt or golden tomahawk or something under those lines.

Advantages is inno make more money and people who come second or third in tombola dont feel as ripped off. Reason i am posting here is i think this will probably be the only world you will get a big spend.


to be honest people who spend such amounts of cash tend to already own howdahs GT's and inno belts, and are usually more in the search for frozen revolvers or pink tutus


We have premium chests for those who want items like that, and not to mention weekly draw, simple as that. Noone is making you spend real money on tombola so why bother with more rewards that can be obtained elsewhere.

And as zeta said whoever gets top 3 spots probably already has all those you mentioned above. My guess is Johnny will be first again he just seems to have too much money on his hands. For others I don't know but probably a couple of your townies or even you eh.