Ode to Ares Venganza!

Bad Billy Jack

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Ode to Ares Venganza!

I just received this Friend's List telegram.

Dear All,

I have just heard that Ares passed away two weeks ago. I don't know anything more so....

Many of us had many arguments and often disagreed with him. But Elderado wasn't dull and often was not a kind place. But he did love the West.

But I hope you will all join me in hoping he is at peace and maybe even playing the West in Heaven. St Peter may be at the pearly gates checking out his upgraded nugget munching outfits :)

Many may not be interested and that's fine, but with all the negativity, trolling and animosity that went on and goes on perhaps five minutes of refection to bring some joy and kindness.

I have only sent this to people in my Friends list so for those that are interested please spread the sad news and give him the notoriety that he craved!

RIP Ares


I responded and sent a telegram to GENERAL HAYES, his best friend in El Dorado world. I got this response

yes he passed a couple weeks ago

Ares was both originally a friend and battle ally, then a worthy opponent. He dismissed me or the town I was in 3 times from his alliance LOL! After 3 strikes I was invited and joined the other side (V alliance). Ares spent his entire time I knew him trying very hard to keep fort fighting alive in this world (while hayes was trying to get him to give up ffing and go dueler LOL) in the game he loved. It is an outstanding legacy! Rest in peace Ares, you WILL be missed!
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I know him of course lol but any way i go to miss him..........So sad news for today........So confused now about his dead............


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Ares and I had our ups and downs... But we had 1 thing in common which was grilling!! We would go to whispers and just talk about cooking!!! We shared Recipes and would talk about what we cooked that day!!! Marinades, different types of smoking Meats... Before his heart attack we were planning the great cook off and have fun,, since he didnt live that far from me. He said he had arranged for someone to bring him down with his grill.. Boy we were really excited to finally have this day!!! now all I feel is sadness that he didnt get to come,, something he was looking forward too and so was I.. We had put our past aside and in the end were Friends!!! Were Facebook Friends and talked in Messenger..

I will Miss that ornery old coot!!! But I see now He is in a better place and the pain is gone!!! He is free!!!! Bless you Ares, and once in a while please look down and get beside me when I am out side Grilling or Smoking Meat. You are Missed!!!


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I knew Ares for many years. Mostly as a friend... Then an enemy for a while on El Dorado... Then back to friends again. Even when we were "enemies", it didn't seem right. I'm glad we were friends again before he passed away. We had great conversations... Not always about the game.

It really hit me harder than I thought it would when I heard... So sad he's gone.

Ya I know he could tick people off with his dueling, but he was always willing to help. Even those who were "enemies". He really loved this game.

BBJ, thank you for making this post.

Damn I miss him...

RIP, my friend.

Victor Kruger

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V sad to hear Ares passing,

He indeed loved this game and to me, El D was where Ares lived and was THE player I associate EL D with the most.

I recall the first of many exchanges we had on El D very well. We were about lvl 30 at the time, I attacked and missed every damn shot on him so pinged him congratulations. Following day he returned his congrats when the same thing happened to him. From that moment on we were duel brothers and l have fond memories of many a dueling session both in opposition and tag teaming together, chatting away, exchanging banter, laughs or outrage mails.. & he got some awesome hate mail :lol:

Yes. It would be fair to say Ares became both infamous and notorious, something I know he would'nt be disappointed being remembered as. :up:

RIP bud you will be missed and the prairies just got a little quieter.

Your m8



just heard about his passing and its really saddened me :( i shared a town for years with him and GENERAL HAYES so i knew him quite well and knew he was terminally ill, but i'm still shocked by his passing. will definitely miss Ares (aka Sweaty guy) and hope he's somewhere fishing, grilling and enjoying a friendly debate :)

RIP Rick.
RIP Ares and my most sincere condolences to Jezebel.

Yeah, we weren't friend by any stretch and passed some heated hate mail back & forth and some intense duels (until he couldn't take me anymore) after I left one of his towns in Fairbank, but it was mostly in good fun.
All that being said, I wouldn't wish death by cancer on anyone. His suffering is ended, thank the Good Lord.

RIP ya ornery cuss


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ares and I fought for as long as I have been playing in el dorado, we made sure when we weren't dueling each other, we were hurting each other, it kept on for hours sometimes, every single saloon fight, every single dueling session, being the guy and the dueller he was, the only way id truly beat him is by killing his townies or getting under his skin :D, of course being the very young person I was, he always got under my skin instead :D he probably caused me IBS with the stress he caused me :D, but more than that. Ares was someone who taught me lots of great lessons in life, I won't always win against my enemies, but when I do win, I will treasure it.

i got some few memories i held in my notes from years of fighting him, that just end up making me really miss the guy, thought itll be good and funny to share.
here is him talking to kent just so i would look stupid :D, worked as you can see :D

no need to explain this :D

him having no patience without ff, kinda like me in fairbanks now :D

looking back at this lol, i knew he lied to annoy me, it still worked :D

he had his random days and moments sometimes :D

and he really loved rubbing it in when he wins :D

it's all fun and games until I look at the last screenshot saved.. it was about the time he probably got diagnosed with cancer.
sadly being his enemies for as long as i was, I didn't stop to think twice about it, it looked like it was just another one of his games but it wasn't.. :(
that day was very odd, I used to play every 2 weeks or a week, he came to me and he wasn't the regular Ares, wanted to fix his mistakes, and apologized for everything he did to me. sadly, having been in that situation a lot, i didn't believe any of it and quit the game after because I was tired of the games people were pulling to get help.

i know not everyone agrees or understands why i feel this way, but for me in the end? it is just a game, and hate or dislike should never cross it, he harmed me asmuch as i harmed him. yet i can find it in my heart to say that i really loved every moment of it, and i really miss it everyday i spend on the west.

i will try my best to make fortfights balanced, until i can't.
it is the least i owe him for not giving him the chance he deserved.

Rip ares

Victor Kruger

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Im sure Ares be laughing his ass off at those memories and chats...

We often forget theres real people with real lives behind the screen ... nor do we know what battle scars others carry in life

It is good such enemies meet on the field of battle yet never let it become who you are in real life...

Thanks for that LM a v good example of the wars gone by on Dorado :up: