Obsidian Freespeak Incentive Program

Tucker Blue

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The Town Store is a small token of my appreciation to the players that have joined our town.

How It Works: All eligible town members will receive a buff package at wholesale cost once per month for 6 months. The first day of your activity will be recorded in the Town Store thread. After being active for one month the first package will be posted on town market with your name attached and a mail will be sent to remind you to pick it up. This will repeat once per month, five more times, each package recorded in the thread. Each buff package will consist of 10 Tea, 5 Filtered Cigarettes and 5 Chewing Tobacco. If at any point during initial month your activity drops to yellow(inactive for 2 days) your Town Store Program start date will be reset to the first day it turns green again. If you go inactive when receiving the 2nd to 6th packages and miss the 7 day sale window you will forfeit that package. Players in vacation mode will have their package released upon their return and then go back on regular schedule.

Level Incentives
Level 20: $75,000
Level 25: $100,000
Level 30: $125,000
Level 35: $150,000
Level 40: $175,000
Every 10 levels above 40: $200,000

Join Obsidian Freespeak today!

*Program subject to change.
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