NPC dueler weapons


just curious if anyone else saw this and if this was like this before, or just since update.

the NPC 'bandits' that you can duel are carrying weapons that don't meet their level.
a lvl 71 NPC - carrying a 'rusty war club' lvl 85 required
a lvl 73 NPC - carrying a 'deringer pocket revolver' lvl 83 required


I think they always sometimes had higher level items. Two of the four NPC's that were there when I did my daily quests even had named weapons.

Chief Gall's Nickel Plated Tomahawk LVL 140 weapon on LVL 117 NPC
Frank McNab's Colt Navy Revolver LVL 140 weapon on LVL 108 NPC

Wish I was that lucky to have those items.


If they can carry higher levels, I'd like to be able to win some of those precious weapons :D


The West Team
This isn't a bug, it has been possible for a while. I think I even saw an official explanation somewhere, but that was a long time ago.


well, if it isn't a 'bug', then it is something that should be changed or fixed... NPCs should have the same limitations as the players...


I guess I don't understand. The NPC, bandits, are there for a challenge, rather that is my idea of why they have different weapons.