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ok i picked adventure for my character.then after like a month, the BONUS STATS for like 10% less chance to get hurt right.well it does not show when i do the this supposed to happen?:unsure:

Lord Regal

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If what you're asking is if the danger level should physically be shown lower while looking at a job, then no. You still see levels as normal, but when you do the job, it subtracts or adds to the levels as needed for character class and labor points.


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:nowinkg:you know when you pick a character......right?and before you pick, you see the extra bonus first press the type of character and then you will see the bonus percentage:unsure::unsure::D:p

George Hurst

The Danger% listed on each job is an indication of how badly you can get injured, just like the luck% is an indication of the value of items it is possible to find. These do not indicate the chance of injury or finding items, only the severity of injury and value of items found.

The chance of injury or finding an item is always constant - except for the adventurer bonuses which decrease one and increase the other. The chance of item drops or injury is an unkown (secret) factor, that is not published anywhere in-game.


The only bonus that shows in the job window is premium income for products, but not for cash. Adventurer product bonuses aren't shown, and their others can't be shown, because as George said, adventurers have a reduced chance to be injured and the danger rating just affects the severity of injuries, and increased chances of finding items and the luck rating just affects the value of items that can be found.


The bonuses that the adventurer gets are invisible, but don't worry, you still profit from them.

I do believe this question has been asked a number of times on the forum.
Perhaps it should be included in the reference section?