Not getting bonus xp from church construction

im zid

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In-game name: im zid
Affected worlds: briscoe
Browser: chrome
Type of Bug: Job
combined 30% xp bonus from ded moroz's mount set and weapon sets dose not give any bonus xp when constructing church. I did 10 jobs with these sets and got an average of 2583, then did 10 more without the set bonus and got average of 2654 both of them relatively close to the average xp shown on the screen which was 2750.

I apologize if this was an intended feature and not a bug.

I have already consulted the Bugs FAQ.
I have searched if the bug has been reported before.


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Just to expand on what @foscock said, it seems like the game doesn't consider construction as "working" at the moment, since it uses a different system than the regular jobs at job sites, and it's treated an an entirely different activity to working. it also doesn't count towards the time spent working for certain quests that have working for some period of time as a requirement, to further prove that. It is possibly an oversight, but maybe it's intended to be that way.

Construction doesn't really need an exp buff anyway, it's already too stronk compared to every other activity.

im zid

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I went out of my way and paid 2.1mill to get the ded morez weapon and mount set hoping to save 30% on the time it takes me to level up, now i feel like a fool.
And In the daily bonus window church building time do get counted towards total job time. Labor point bonus from sets are applicable to church construction so there was no reason for me to believe XP bonus was not applicable.
If this was indeed an intended feature could someone please add church construction as a separate section in the official wiki under Gaining experience, and also mention that set bonus and buff bonus dose not apply to it. Currently church construction is not mentioned under ways to gain experience leading one to believe it falls under Jobs category.