Noob Questions Part 2


I have another question, this time regarding clothing.

If I change a piece of clothing to get a boost for a particular job, does my character have to wear that clothing just when the job is stacked, or all the time the job is being done?

I hope I have explained it well enough to get an answer.

Thanks in advance for your help.



When I said "jobs" I really meant building.

So if I change clothes to give me higher construction, do I only have to have those clothes on to stack the building, or do I need to keep those clothes on during the duration of the building, ie one hour?

Thanks again


Yes, construction works the same as any other job: you can change gear.


I think you might have to be on beta too...

I have never seen this quest before, and as the OP I have finished those quests that are required, so I suspect it is not out on the real servers yet.



this quest must be in beta as i have finished both of the requirement quests but this quest hasn't appeared


Need help :)

Hey, guys... I am trying to complete the secret quest "it smells like treasure". I know all the steps that I have to follow, but I hit a snag ... How am I supposed to get the following items: Get the Backpack (Quest item -- Selling Newspaper *The Western Star*)
Get the Torch (Quest item -- Rafting Wood)
Get the Oxcart (Quest item -- Cowboy) ?
Do I get this items doing normally these jobs? or should I do specific quests?
I am sorry if it sounds as a stupid question and I appreciate all the help you can give me ;-)


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if memory serves some of the items are done via doing jobs, others are done by seperate quests, check the questing section that'll point you in the right direction


Thank you for your answers ... you get the objects just doing the jobs as long as you have the list from Henry equipped ... I've done 2 hours of "rafting wood" and I already got the torch ...


where do i look for a candle? i dun c any grave nearby.. and no command such as digging grave.