Script No swear script


For all of you out there that are like me and swear like a sailor in real life and have some issues taming their beast in the game too when they get passionate, there is this great script that filters many of the words I use every day (it has some Greek words too, just ignore those or edit the script to your needs).

The script does not block swearing in the town chat and in whispers.

Furthermore if you type "swear script" in the chat you'll see how many times the script has prevented you from swearing that day and in total (just to keep a personal record)

I can only provide the code for it (thanks to a very nice person that wrote a far more beautiful and organised code than I would..)


I can attest to the usefulness of this script. Never a curse word has passed my lips since using it. Sheer brilliance.


is this only for the british?list of profanities seems to lack most of the basics.