Nickelback...yep i'm goin' there.

Tucker Blue

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What...WHAT...WHAT is wrong with Nickelback??? Oh i'll tell ya what's wrong with Nickelback! That......tall.......ramen noodle haired, drawly...... ffffffffff. *sigh* A lot of the instrument part of Nickelback ROCKS. Yeah it #$%^ ROCKS! Perfect example, Follow You Home. For 25 seconds your head is boppin' and you're thinkin' Holy crap this #$%^&* rocks! Then ramenterd comes in and ruins the whole thing. Another one from a few years prior, Hangnail. 21 seconds of Duuude this is groovy! Then BAM! your dreams of rock glory are SMASHED to a million tiny bits by ol' ramenterd. Same album, Hollywood. 25 seconds of Hell yeah son! Then GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!!! ramenterd ruins it yet.....again. *eye roll* There's only one solution. Nickelback must hire James Hetfield as their new vocalist. What? Somethin's gotta be done with that mess too or we're gonna get more of this.