News anout 1.32 from TWtimes 01.07.2011


Won´t there be two new systems? The completly new one for new worlds and modified system to the current system for older worlds?
I don't know where you got that from. Completely different dueling systems seems like it would be running two different versions of the game.


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I read that there will be two duel systems somewhere too. I guess the issue is basically with too much change on the old servers at once and the non-premium worlds and trying to break up the domination of certain players cross world who find if you do X, you are unstoppable anywhere.

My understanding is, new worlds will go with an all new system, old worlds will get modified a bit. They were talking about this before the last update got out of the beta servers so anything could have changed by now. But if I remember right, they said the new world would be opened starting with the 1.32 update and it would contain the entirely new duel system.


Huh, there it is:

Ashock said:
Acctually I have to throw a bit in here. Most likely the new duel system will not be in 1.32 but the old one will be reworked. This is necessary because the old duel system will stay active on the old worlds even after the new system is implemented (thus currently planed only for new worlds). This might change, depending on the response of the community. But currently the plan is to release a rebalanced old duel system on the old worlds (1.32) and an entirely new duel system on new worlds (1.3x).


The message is a bit out-dated. And everyone knows that devs (or game designer in this case) not always keep their promises :)

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Which is why twtimes actually has news....there will be a modification to the current system for 1.32 and a new system for 1.3x....


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Disappointed that resistance duelers will be nerfed... again. Why not reduce the effectiveness of appearence, or tactics for a change? If every dueler was a resistance dueler we would be able to duel more than twice a day and not have to worry so much with running to the nearest hotel.


um what?yeah it's better to lose all the duels than lose 200 per battle

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What will happen to our HOF pic?Will it change accordingly?

Anyway I hope they implement the new dueling system in all servers.Current
one is too predictable and boring.And before everyone starts shouting I have
no problem with resistance duelers.I own every single one in my server.:D


I thought the dueling re-work was going to be more interesting than just adjusting formulas. Oh well, I guess I won't be speccing back to dueling focused build anytime soon.

Hope they put in a level 250 crafting recipe.


all of this is not so important:

avatars - not really needed
new duelling sistem - all will have to adapt
inventory limit - this one could be the problem, but wait until the update comes
new quests - thats only good news

i wonder when will the level cap be raised, to at least level 200 :D

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orientius, there will also be a new medal system implemented later, which should give you something to do, along with the dailies/weeklies.


i wonder when will the level cap be raised, to at least level 200

zet said:
@Athos: Contrary to the public opinion, we have no plans for raising the level limit again. You can gain XP when reaching the level cap and thus still fighting for the #1 rank position.
And the fact that we still gain XP at 120 would make raising the cap kind of stupid. #1 on w11 has over 400k xp past 120. If the cap was raised today and XP requirements per level didn't change, he would jump from level 120 to 142.

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what do you mean by didn't change? if the xp reqs stayed at what it is for lv. 120 or what it would be following the formula?


Man... You can get 120 AP and 3*120 SP from levels. And a few from quests. And that's it. The game (is not yet but will be) balanced to support that. There will be no more levels and you won't be able to get more AP and SP (except on worlda that contain the evil skillbuying premium).
Ranking system doesn't track your level but XP. HoF table does track the level, but do you really care who was #1 several months ago or, if interested, you'll check who's #1 now?


what is the formula, btw? im too lazy to figure it out ;)
I just use Excel. The XP needed for a level is XP needed for the previous level + (level - 1) * 2 + 1, so the exact formula would have to be a summation.


so if this new medal system doesnt make this game competitive, i think i will quit,ill take my money somewhere else.

gathering exp, leveling my character and building it stronger and stronger was the only appealing thing that kept me going. if the level cap will stay at 120 my motivation will surely drop to 0.

as for fort fighting, its a good thing to know more people, to chat and have some fun but it doesnt represent any real goal. an aliance can win all forts, then what,...after a time they will loose it, some new alliance will take over and so on...