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Can I assume that 'aim' is for melee weapons as well as dueling guns (not to be confused with left-handed GUN guns - i.e. those used only in fort battles)?


Assuming you're a worker, so you never proactively duel people, is there any difference at all between dodging and tactics?


Yes, tactics lower their aim value and are useless all by itself. Dodging makes your opponent miss you and for maximum benefit you need both. My advice is to pump neither. If you plan on building, any pure dueler will beat you so you will just be wasting points.

Hazel Rat

nice guide!!! i was wondering about the player-to-player trading thing. it seems like a cool idea!

Anne Turner

this may sound like a dumb question(not even sure if this is where it goes) but does the town mortician have to be appointed? I have a worker just joined my town and he is a worker class mortician, does he automatically become the towns mortician?


No. The town mortician is a building that you only need to build 1 level and is all done. In that building when you access it, is all the dueling history of the town: duels won or lost, passed out opponents or members and the best duelers (of the town and of opposing towns).

Anne Turner

the west stats page is not working I can't open anything there it says the page is offline

Amelia Paxton

general store discount?

I'm new, and just joined a town. Part of the reson is so I can get discounts in the general store for the items I need to get going in the game. The price before and after I joined my town is no different. I thought you got a discount in the store when you joined a town. I clicked the signpost and went to the town first. Am I missing something?

Amelia Paxton

"Sale Price" in General Store

Yes, I made sure I walked there first (even though I had just prayed there as well.) I guess I was expecting to get the sale price that's displayed, but I didn't. If a town member doesn't get the sale price, then who does?

(Sorry, this is has probably been addressed in the forums somewhere, but I couldn't find it.)


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Town Members get the sales price, if you had happened to just join and didn't see a price change in the town's shops you should refresh the page.(F5) and you should see the correct prices.

If the prices are still incorrect, make sure you're at the correct town, lots of towns have similar names now. Click the Town Button on the bottom left where the chat is. It's the Second button in from Left to Right. That should bring you to your town on the map, click it and see if the prices have changed for you.

For some reason the prices are still incorrect, try clearing your cache, or do a Hard Refresh (Ctrl + F5). If the problems still persist and you have waited more than a day or two while doing everything I mentioned above then you should probably put in a in-game support ticket.

(All of this is assuming you knew what the without a town prices were, I'll give an Example just in case. Fancy Felt Hat without a town, cost $15,600. With a Town it costs $3,900. Indian Feather Hat Without a Town $12,800 with a town it costs $3200. The prices for items are 4 times more if you do not have a town)
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When I have to duel an NPC in a quest, how do I set the strike zones on a quest NPC.

Are the strike zones in the duel tab just whatever I used the last time I dueled and they stay the same unless I change them?

Are the strike zones that the quest NPC used, what is set there after I duel them the first time?


You set them the same way you would on a normal duel.

Yes, they remain unchanged unless you manually go in and change them.

Im not sure if the quest NPC changes the strike zones and dodge zones between duels. I would guess they do.


The quest NPC's never change strike zones and dodges. Just look at the report carefully, where you missed and where you got hit and select the other arm or shoulder and dodge the other way.


Right now i dont have a town but they still attack me... how is possible? I leave my town

Cowboy Lincoln

Did you have a bounty on your head? A bounty can be placed if you are a member of a town. When you leave it and you have a bounty on your head, you can be duelled.


Hello, thanks for creating this thread. It has helped me with the Ham quest for Maya :)