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I was curious: I kind of got fed up with a town I was in where I am a pure builder but lower than everyone else so they never let me build. So, I left the town in hopes of starting my own town. I think I have found an interesting niche in this game concerning flipping a town. What I mean by this is: searching all abandoned towns (ghost towns) in every quadrant until finding the one with the most construction points. I have done many things to the town since that first find and I think the system is a good one. So, my question is this: Should I write up a little paper in regards to how I started my town as a part of someone elses guide?

Violette LeDrunc

Your can just write your own guide, iggyberto.

I've been working on a guide about running a town, but I haven't had a lot of time so it isn't done yet.

Just go ahead and do it. Guides are good! :)


hi, what ive been looking for is a break down of all APs and SPs such as what exactly does say the AP of mobiltity do or the SP of say animal instict do some are fairly easy to understand like higher aim sounds as if you have better aim but some things like reflex does that mean i can draw and fire faster or can i dodge bullets or does strength mean i can have bullets bounce of me like super man and stop a moving trains?
ive found alot on pure class guides but nothing so far on what each thing affects



What are Jobs and what do the Job Screens and Reports mean?

Jobs are represented by icons on the world map.


1. Jobs you can do are in color
2. Jobs you can't do are transparent. You may be able to do these jobs if you change some of the gear you are wearing.

When you find a job you can do and click on the icon you get a screen like this:


1. Name of the job
2. Wages: Shows you how much money you can make working this job. The more Labor Points (LP) you have in the job the more money can be earned.
3. Experience (XP): Shows how many experience points can be earned from working this job. Experience earned helps you level up so that you will acquire Attribute and Skill points you can distribute to your character.
4. Luck: You can find items working a job. The more luck a job offers the better the items that can be found.
5. Danger: Shows how badly you can get hurt on the job. Very high danger means you can get seriously injured. The more LP you have in the job the smaller the risk that you will be hurt at all.
6. Motivation: Shows how willing you are to work this job. Less motivation means lower productivity and with that lower wages, less XP and lower luck. Motivation goes down by 6 for every 2 hours worked. You gain 10 Motivation back per day.
7. The product you can find at this job and the chances of finding the product per 1/2 hour worked.
8. The skills needed to do this job and how many points you have in each with your current gear on.
9. The total amount of skill points you have in this job with current gear.
10. The difficulty of this job. Difficulty is subtracted from your total skill points.
11. The amount of LP you have for this job. LP is Skill Points - Difficulty. You must have at least 1 LP in order to do a job. More LP means more cash earned and less chance to be hurt.
12. Your work queue shows you what job you are doing now and jobs/actions scheduled for the future. Also shows the amount of time left to complete each job/action. You can schedule 2 jobs/actions unless you have Automation premium. Automation allows you to schedule 4 jobs/actions.
13. The distance or how long it will take you to reach the first job in the queue.
14. Where you choose how long to work each job. You can choose 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours.

Once you have completed a job you will receive a Report like this:


1. Name of the job completed
2. Date and time when job was completed
3. The motivation left for the job after the job was completed
4. How long you spent working the job
5. How much cash (wages) you earned on the job
6. How much XP you earned on the job
7. The items and products you found on the job, if any.
**If you are injured on the job it will show you what the injury was and how much damage you received. This will show up underneath the Luck icon/section.

What is the difference between Products and Items?

Products and items are completely 2 different things. Products are job related in that you can only get a certain product from a certain job. Examples of products are Corn, Fools Gold, Map, Sugar, etc. Items are not job specific. The items you can find on a job are affected by Luck. The higher the Luck the more expensive and higher level items you will find. Examples of items are Black Ragged Shoes, Brown Shawl, Donkey, etc. Basically anything you can equip or wear in your inventory screen. You will be able to find one specific item at many different jobs provided the Luck is comparable between the jobs.

Can I change my clothes after I queue a job?

Yes. The labor points are determined using the gear you have equipped at the time you queue the job. Once the job is queued you can equip different gear as long as you still have 1 labor point in each job queued with your new gear on. This allows you to put your best clothes on for a job then possible change into defensive dueling gear, or the best clothes for the next job, etc.
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What is the relation between Wages, Labor Points (2 and 11 in the second picture) and the money you get (5 in the third picture). I assume that Motivation has a part, but I never got a clear picture about it.

Simpler question: what's better to do, work on a job with low wages, where you have high Labor Points or the other way?


What is the relation between Wages, Labor Points (2 and 11 in the second picture) and the money you get (5 in the third picture). I assume that Motivation has a part, but I never got a clear picture about it.

Simpler question: what's better to do, work on a job with low wages, where you have high Labor Points or the other way?

Wages is based on the job %, motivatation %, and LP, plus a random factor, but I've never seen an accurate formula for it. I haven't played with TheWestInsider enough to judge whether or not his is accurate.

High wages, low LP > low wages, high LP. The effects of LP seem to be basically logarithmic, with something like 10 LP being twice as good as 1 LP and 100 LP being three times as good as 1 LP, but that's extremely rough and might even be entirely wrong.


Trapper=high exp early, money jobs-stealing horses(64% wages) early 20`s and when switch to shooting best jobs, trader=high luck and money jobs early, very bad exp jobs, gets boring at some point of the game(at least I did get bored). I strongly suggest pure trapper



I may have posted in the wrong section and I only looked through the forum briefly, so my apologies in advance.

I have mucked for hours (at least 6-7 times for multiple hours) and have even cleaned stys in an effort to get a ham. Is it possible there is something wrong with my game or am i just that ignorant????

I have completed missions AFTER the ham....but still no ham :(

Any assistance would be great, please msg me in game if possible. I am in game 8

Thanks :D


Tend pigs to get a ham. You could have found the answer had you searched for the word "ham" on the forum


You have to tend pigs for a ham. :p
And it might take a while but I'm sure you get after 6 hours.



Im new to this game and i want to ask what is the effect of each skills?


Im new to this game and i want to ask what is the effect of each skills?

About half the skills do nothing, they're just for doing jobs. Help > Skills > Skills gives general descriptions, although a lot of them have no effect on gameplay. Denisero explains the skills used in dueling in the 2nd post of this thread. The only other skill that has a direct effect on gameplay is horseback riding, which is added to your travel speed on the map. You might include health as well, since it lets you take more damage from duels and job injuries, preventing you from being passed out.

Almost every skill is used in calculating labor points of various jobs, with the exception of health, dodging, and aim.

Billy the Mathers


hi i'm totally new to the west and have jus started i dont understand how to get more labour points to fish as it says labour -1 its friein my brain? help pls any 1


You just have to do jobs and earn xp. When you earn more xp from doing jobs and quests then you level up. When you level up you get 1 attribute point and 3 skill points to distribute in your Skills.