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Newbie Starter Guide


Thanks Diggo. I keep making little adjustments to it as I see questions on the forums that seem to fit into the guide. I'm sure once I think its perfect they will change everything around and I'll have to start all over again :D

Luap Nor

It'll be the top sticky until something else comes along, then it'll be moved to Gem's Helpful Reference Section.
Yeah I saw later on that it was stickied in there, so that's cool. Didn't realize there was more than one copy posted. :blink:


Updated. If anyone can think of any information that should be in this guide please pm me on the board.


Offensive skills:
Aim - Increases chance of hitting target. Countered by opponents Dodge
Appearance - increases the chance of landing a hit when you are the challenger. Does not come into play when you are the defender. Countered by Tactics.

Hi everyone, I am new to this game, so can someone explain to me what is the difference between the 2 skills? it sound like the same to me.:huh:

Artemis Gordon

Aim increases the chance that you'll hit the opponent. Appearance (if you're challenging, tactics if you're being challenged) decreases the chance that you'll be hit.


Aim always counts in a duel. Appearance only counts if you initiate the duel.

If you have high Aim and your opponent has low dodge you have a greater chance of landing a hit on your opponent. If your opponent has higher Dodge than you have Aim your chances for landing a hit go down. This is true in every duel.

Appearance is the way you are seen by other people. A higher level makes you more trustworthy, but you can also intimidate people better. If you challenge another player in a duel your appearance helps intimidate your opponent and makes him less likely to land a hit.

Basically Appearance is like Tactics but for the challenger.

Edit: I actually have to fix the guide. Sorry about that.
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Oishky Poishky

do you think there could be an addition to this guide stating all the life choices people make such as pure trading/appearance/shooting/leadership/setting traps/horseback riding/hiding/fine motor skills/vigor/construction advantages and disadvantages of each. class required. how to make that kind of a character. what to buy. what jobs are available things like that. if you want i can do it but maybe later. i'm busy with exams.


I purposely didn't get into specific builds for characters. If someone wants to do character specific build guides that would be up to them. I just think when you start getting that specific you are going to get a lot of players that are going to disagree with your assessment. Plus, I'd hate to see character classes become cookie cutter like. One of the best parts of this game is a players ability to shape their character into anything they want.

If one were to take the perceived notion of what roles each character class plays and then try to write a guide I think it would be a mistake. There is no perfect build for soldiers or duelers. Adventurers can be specced for dueling, or trading, or hiding, swimming, trapping, etc. They can go so many ways or be a hybrid of all those things. Builders are fairly easy and straightforward on a pure build but again, they can be specced for dueling or a hybrid construction/quester or anything the player wants them to be.


a guide on specific builds would be just teaching new ones how to use the west stats job search... or it would be mainly opinionated on what builds you like/dislike and not be very informative...

but i have considered this... and i am not sure it would go to well... i understand why it was not included in this guide :D
but if you want, you can put a reference in there about the feature on the west stats... or simply a link to it...

you may already have done this... i haven't read the guide through in a week or two... and i am done for the night so i am not reading it all right now

i will edit this message if it is already in your guide after i read it through again


There is a link to West Stats right at the top of my post. 2nd link in and about 30 words into the guide. So yes, I suggested people go to West Stats for information.


how about adding something for fourm navigation

here is my part in it
how to change the number of posts you see per page

user cp>Settings & Options> edit options> Thread Display Options> Number of Posts to Show Per Page.

then select how many posts you want to see per page. I suggest useing 40 (max)


Because it is just a guide for the game. If someone wants to do a forum guide they are more than welcome to. I highly doubt someone that doesn't know how to navigate the forum is going to know how to find a forum guide. The ones that will need it will never read it most likely.


yeah... most likely, the only time they would read it would be if someone answered their question and their signature had a link to it and they got curious... not extremely likely...

but most people can figure how to navigate the forum... if they have to intellect to understand how to play the west, then they can figure out how to navigate the forum

Oishky Poishky

I purposely didn't get into specific .......be.

i know but like most people do have specified builds now anyway. i don't think there are that many people who put skills anywhere they like.

just like introducing them to the different skills that people prefer to go into... well anyway.


Maybe I'll work on something. It will be different. I still want to keep it as general as possible because everyone has their own play style and idea on what is a good build per character class. I suppose I could come up with some builds. Builder is easy after all. :D

I'll start working on something. Hopefully have it up within a week.

Ms. Layla

Hey all, I'm a noob and a forum reader... only a few days into the game. I've decided most likely to be an adventurer/trader.
I do have a question, if I find my answer before getting a response here I'll try and edit or delete this. The question is this, if I want to be a trader, does it matter which icon I choose under adventurer? I see trapper, wanderer, squaw, and prospector. I know to put sp under trading, but having the diff designations under the character faces makes me stop and wonder. I'm only level 3 at the time of writing this, but enquiring minds want to know.:unsure:


No. Just pick the picture that you like. At this time there are no advantages or differences between choosing any of the pictures. That may change in the future but if so we haven't heard anything about it.