New World Order

king david

It's time for World 3 to come back to life...

World 3 has become the laughing stock of The West,
less than 4k active players in the world...

Time for that to change...

Welcome to the New World Order.

;) We are here to duel, fort fight, and cause drama ;)

If you are an active player who is bored with your in-active boring town full of red dots contact "Latigo Kid" or "Diggo11" in-game and we will help bring your gameplay back to life.

We will be taking over the world one fort at a time.

Disclaimer: New World Order is a play off of NWO from WCW wrestling from the late 90's.
Which is a play off of the other New World Order, but is not in any way shape or form racist etc..
in any way ;)

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