New World Name Suggestions!

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William Bresnaham

Looks like we don't get a vote here.
Well, maybe they voted among the managers/mods to keep players from trying to rig the vote or turning it in to a popularity contest and not a vote for best name. It does not really specify who the 'we' are in 'we will have a vote'.

Hopefully, if they choose a name suggested on this thread, the first person suggesting that name still gets awarded the prize.

Once suggestions have been placed, we will have a vote, once the vote has been calculated, the player suggesting the winning name will receive 200 nuggets!
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My 2 cents (didn't check to see if previously suggested)

1. Frontier
2. Flintlock


The name will be announced shortly :)

Voting is done internally as there are also standards we need to uphold when selecting a name for a new world.


Congratulations to Reyne for choosing the winning name! The new world shall be called Fairbank!
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