New world in October?

Clever Hans

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Is the new world opening soon?

This was on The West EN homepage today:
(Today at 11:13 am) en28 ist vorübergehend nicht erreichbar!

Goober Pyle

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FWIW I am advocating for deferring it a year, but I don't believe our CM has any say in the matter beyond sharing that feedback to the decision makers.

what I _do_ hope I can make happen is establishing some local community rules published in advance that can allow some flexibility in implementing things within the power of The Team, but on existing worlds are hampered by need to obtain consent/consensus
(e.g. Dynamic fort battle caps; Fort damage; Anti-Dominance regulations; anti-spy provisions -- not necessarily anything ever taking effect, but because they are announced as possibilities in advance they could be enacted unilaterally)
Yes, that is correct. We will share more info soon.

before even thinking about opening new worlds think about compacting the less active worlds into more active worlds, I play fairbanks since 5 years ago and it's dead, I don't even play regularly anymore because there are no good fort fights, I wish I could move to colorado with my character of fairbank, I don't even buy nuggets anymore because I don't feel motivated.

Goober Pyle

The West Team
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when is the new world starting? i need to delete all the useless worlds that you don't wanna merge to create a player base and start on the new one, asap
I believe the date is still TBD, (sometime in October, presumably towards the later half but after the end of Oktoberfest and before the start of the DotD events) but will be announced shortly.


meh, same day same stuff, another 100 levels, more quests. regurgitated gear.......
in the end, a change in background is about all that's left that'd make me even twitch.

happy about the additional npc's tho.

new world just means a fresh start and i don't have to recycle an old one.i do agree with the notion of trimming things up a bit and doing something about long past dead accounts. i'd rather play with more warm bodies than corpses, if ya get my meaning.