New world - choose a name

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John's Creek, in Georgia
It was Cherokee's territory until 1820 when the first gold rush took place and Cherokees moved to Oklahoma

panos-the-best Idaho


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Jerome: As in Jerome,Arizonia. Among the thriving businesses were those associated with alcohol, gambling, and prostitution serving a population that was 78 percent male.[31] In 1903, the New York Sun proclaimed Jerome to be "the wickedest town in the West".[32]

Same name different reason: name it Jerome, because it is well known as a Ghost town which is what adding another world will create


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Jenny - A female donkey
Jerky - Strips of dried meat, usually beef or venison, that can be stored for long periods.


"Johnston" based on Johnston County, Oklahoma, wich one was Choctaw tribe territory in 19 century


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why make new world ? make money ? anyway inno make money each 1-2 month in events , news sets , nugget sets ...
new worlds kill older ones :/ make some action about Designing new things for game , make something for fort battles can be good idea , older players will be more active , new players will like more ... older players will get new face by inviting friends to game but inno need to make someaction for this game :)

last recipe update force some players be more active ( tanx for it after years of not a good updates ) , think what new things in fort battles or duels can do for this game

in this situation my offer for new world are JustPayUs or Joke :D


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I would like to offer Junction City (yes, I know someone suggested 'Junction' already).

However, Junction City, Kansas Territory was the town that grew up around Fort Riley, Kansas. Fort Riley is the home of the US Army Cavalry School, and all its attendant history including the 7th Cavalry and the Battle of Little Big Horn, as well as the famous 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments, historically known as the Buffalo Soldiers. With an old west history that encompasses the Indian Territory following the Louisiana Purchase, and then eventually becoming a state on the eve of the Civil War, I think it would be a fitting name for a new world.


So much choice .... Jerome, but a few already suggested that one ... Jokersville to reflect the state of ff'g on most worlds ... Jawbone Canyon, a great place in the Mojave Desert .... or Juneau (the place named after the guy who started the gold rush in Alaska).

The latter has a nice ring to it so I am going with that. It seems appropriate as nuggets are the prize :)
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