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Discussion in 'World 3' started by Hightower, Sep 23, 2008.

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    Welcome to the West forum.

    Here is a quick run down on the organization:

    Here are the admin/mod notifications, make sure you read the rules part :)

    Questions and FAQ's go here. In particular you might want to view the sticky posts in that section, lots of good stuff.

    The game is pretty new, and was originally a German based game. So there are some translation issues, and still a few bugs. If you find any, post them HERE.

    Almost everyone that joins, immediately wants to join a town. In all honesty I would suggest you pursue the Quests first, and get your level up around 11th first.

    During the first few days of play, find a town with a Hotel and stick nearby. Sleep in a Hotel room when you have the cash, it will help your energy regeneration rate.

    Also remember that when your level increases you are given new skill and attribute points. Be very cautious on spending them. Its easy to spend wrong, and get stuck in a position where you can't complete a quest. If this happens, just do other jobs for a while, and level the old fashion way.

    Here are a few pitfalls, to watch out for:
    1. As you do a job, your motivation decreases. Try not to do jobs where your motivation is low, it reduces your chances of completing the job.
    2. In order to travel to a town, click on the town, then the sign post. Then just enter the "walk to the town" job.
    3. Stuff in your backpack can be sold at any store, but I would suggest not doing so, until you understand the ramifications.

    Ok, so now you are a gunslinging 11th level player, and you want in a town. There are two ways to get in a town, get invited, or build one.

    Your best bet is to gather a bunch of friends you can trust and all build one together. If you can't find enough people don't worry, once you build a town you will get plenty of requests to join, but be picky you want the best of the best.

    If you want to get invited to a town, the place to do it is HERE. Obviously people with lots of money and good skills are going to get invited first.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.