New store feature?

Tex Cavallo

There's this icon of a rosy-cheeked, big-nosed old gentleman above my inventory. When I click on it I get a picture of a store and a small number of items to buy at town membership prices (I am not a member of a town, and I am not in a town.) Also there is a countdown timer near the bottom.

Is this some new game feature?


I don't have that option (yet?) I guess it's the update to 1.28. Altough I still can't find the icon you are mentioning at Arizona.

Tex Cavallo

Maybe it's only on World 1, or maybe it's only for those with no town

I get the option of buying 8 items at town prices, a mix of clothes, neckbands and weapons.
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Our Arizona was offline for 5-10 minutes recently, but the new version is not added.
So world1 got the 1.28, nice! Can't wait to see it on other worlds.


it's in AZ and Briscoe as well, so it would seem it's available in all worlds.

Arka II

I think its a bit like the NPC duel thing. You know how, after the clock resets (half an hour clock) all the five NPC disappears and new ones come in. The items available for purchase will probably change after 28 hours.

Also, they let you clear off the dud and prototype in exchange for a tomato, check bar-tender.

Starting with hit 2 within one round of a fort battle, you have a chance of 25% to keep from being hit at all for the rest of the round ---> so, this means that in a single round, if I get shot at TWICE, then I get a 25% chance that I will dodge the third shot, is that what that means?
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it is a merchant who travels around and offers different items you may not have in town, from what i gather.

the items offered to me are low level items, and new items wont be offered for 24 hours unless 5 nuggets are spent. not sure i care for the 24 hour wait..
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Since I play on 6 worlds I did find something interesting in two of them at least. One character bought the Indian feather hat and another one Red shawl and Black bowler hat (that one hasn't left his town very often).

Pilgrim's shoes and Brown coat on Briscoe, but I want to buy the black one instead and already have the shoes.


I noticed you can pay nuggets to change out inventory for sale. Only way I could find this useful is if he sold items not found in stores as they are now.


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i like this update. so many of us wanted a solution to the long wait between re joining towns and this nailed it.