New Set Idea


Just been looking through Wiki, and can't find a Billy The Kid Set?
What could be cooler for a game like this than a Billy Bonney Set?

I had a play with Photoshop using existing West sets and photos of the real Billy as well... and came up with this:

Side note:
The real Billy was a decent gunman, but mainly a cowboy and rustler, and was a well liked person around the county, and was also seriously wily.
He was also known to ride the finest, fastest horses in the state and often used Roan, so the set's animal should have a high speed %.

Maybe something akin to Matoaka's Set, but higher?


Ah ok... well maybe have it even higher again :D
Make it the super-super-duper set, and add like, a shed load of other skills to it like Shooting and Aiming.


I like it but maybe a different hat, this one gives me bit of a "cat in the hat" vibe. Im not sure about puke colored boots, horse and belt also look to plain for billy the kid. Side suggestion, how about dick turpin, as pictured in everyone's favorite song? + belt from the Adam & The Ants version with a chicken in his product slot.


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