New Recipes Drop Rate (Level 650+)

Bucksnort Hawkins

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Are the new recipes tied to specific jobs or actual Luck value of any job?

I completed 400+ Lead a trading office 15 sec jobs with a luck value of $13137 and can't seem to get any of the level 650+ recipes to drop.
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I understand that these recipes should be rare but from what I can see on Idaho, the drop rate for a recipe like Instructions: Produce a belt with straps or Instructions: Create a leather coat are extremely rare.

Any thoughts or advice on this would be appreciated.


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400 times 15 sec isn't that much I would say, so you just need to continue longer to find anything.

What can help is when you equip cloths/sets with +X% increased luck and use a buff that gives you that bonus (for example Ratatouille with fish from the UP shop,
Also when your motivation for that job drops to 0 you won't find anything anymore (only Bag with a common product), so you need to keep your motivation high enough.

Not sure if you already have taken these factors into account, if you already have you just need to continue more so you can find the recipes you want. Good luck :)


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I have gotten belt with straps at 64% motivation at 1 hour jobbing. over 14k luck.

So, it would seem that it feels like it is harder for people who aren't crafted for it(I am a tonic peddler :D )

Tucker Blue

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Not just you.
i have 5 Write a song of the west and i've already sold two.
Have 1 Fabricate dress mannequin and i've sold two of those too.
Have 1 Hardened Steel.

Found 1 Strong Acids and found 1 Metal Skull. (neither are usable yet)

In Galveston:
Two players with 38 recipes. Blacksmith and Master Saddler.
Fourteen players with 36 recipes. 5 Master Saddler, 2 Blacksmith, 3 Field Cooks, 4 Tonic Peddlers with the Peddlers and Cooks being mostly the last ones to fill out that list. Master Saddler recipes are dropping like flies. Seriously, way out of balance.

Tonic Peddlers are DEFINITELY "getting bent over". Master Saddler and Blacksmith (700) recipes dropping more than peddler and cook. Cooks and Peddlers get the shaft because our recipes produce better buffs, specifically energy and HP.

Inno trying to pump up ff's so the Blacksmith and Saddler buffs are probably coded to drop faster but that's just a guess.

i've heard Tonic Peddler recipes not dropping as often from other worlds too.

PS - 400 15s jobs isn't much at all i agree. i did over 3000 15s jobs to find all the Wheat Ears.

*edit, wait wait wait wait wait is the LUCK item drop rate exactly the same for a 15s job vs 1hr job?
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Bucksnort Hawkins

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*edit, wait wait wait wait wait is the LUCK item drop rate exactly the same for a 15s job vs 1hr job?
I've always thought that was true. Is that not the case?

I have had no luck at all getting the Level 650 Recipe to drop for Master Saddler. I don't know of any other 125+ level toon on Idaho that has either. It's very ironic because this toon is the first time I have ever really tried to focus on crafting and at this point I have to craft Ammunition Slides to crawl up to 700. That will take months.

Truly I don't see how to find or get the Level 650 recipe "Create a leather coat". God forbid someone does find it, it would go for minimum $2M on the market the demand is that high.


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Thanks for reporting that C0OPer. I hope your experience is not typical. If it is, that's pretty ridiculous.
it seems , 1 hour jobs did not work well , i experienced the only better way to find them are doing 15 sec job continuesly with +70 % motivation cus found more new recipes for now during that way ...
also doing trading office right now to get any extra new recipe and make money from market :D
ps , am i the only person got cavalry recipe so far ? :D
in colorado i am the only one untill now ;P