New Quest line to un-upgrade gear


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i like this idea a lot, and depending on the upgrading lvl, you have to spend more.

if its lvl5 for example it will cost you 81 lvl1 27 lvl2 9 lvl3 3 lvl4 etc


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Honestly i feel like the best way to put this here would be, if you lower upgrade lower you will lose 1/3 of all items you put there. So you would have to double think in start what you really want to upgrade and it wont flood market in the future when people start dismantling it as much. Like if you have +1 you used 3 items, youll get back 2.
Yeah on bigger upgrades you will lose "a lot of items" but if you would rather have something "useless" for you in the bag anyway rather than sacrificing something then i dont see point why to introduce this in first place lol.
Or just lock it behind nuggets(double bonds) so inno sees some potential profit in it and might give it green light more likely.

Otherwise i feel like it would be "too free". But honestly it wont prolly happen anyway in any form so whatever.

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If this happens at all I would imagine it takes the form of downgrading just reduces the level for the same fee you would pay to upgrade it.

so, for example: L3 Walkara's tooth chain
input: 3 x L3 Walkara's tooth chain; $25,740.
output: 1 x L4 Walkara's tooth chain

input: 1 x L3 Walkara's tooth chain; $25,740.
output: 1 x L2 Walkara's tooth chain

If that is how it would go, would you still be interested?


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So the problem with upgrading, is that it locks that piece of gear into your inventory forever, unless you sell it to the trader.

Since there's no option to trade it, if you did want to pass that gear on to another player, well... you simply can't.

To correct this, there could be a new NPC which removes the upgrades on a piece of gear, for a cash fee.
This will completely remove the upgrades and give you back 1 item that can now be traded.

It's still a resource sink, because players are still going to upgrade their gear for their own use - and all of those upgraded sets are lost, but it's also a fact that good gear is hard to come by for new players. If you happened to miss that particular tombola where it was sold, and each gear is only ever sold one time, you're probably out of luck, due to the prevalence of upgrades, and as the power levels of sets creep forever upwards, we're left with dozens or even potentially hundreds of sets (there's more than 300 sets in the game currently) that could be used by other players, except we can't trade them.
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