New Player


I'm a new player to The West. Experienced in many other online browser games so hopefully should pick it up quickly.

Is there a chance of a noob who is not quite to lvl 2 yet finding a town. Will most likely go the construction route so will be an asset to a town once I level up a bit. (I hope)


I have noticed that unless you know any one here personally no one really looks at if you are anything less then level 8 though if you skill specialise.............maybe earlier


I don't think that's fair but whatever. I plan on getting my own village and letting in anyone who is willing to work. Right now I am a level 3 and will be a level 4/5 within 24 hrs.


I don't want to join unless I have reached lvl 8 or 9 cause you will be duelled without having the weapons skillz


Im a lvl 6 ATM and helping a town to construct looks like fun to me :)


I've found this in several start up games. The people who first start playing it seem to know each other and are very cliqueish. They end up running many potential players out of the game before it ever gets going.

Pie Reaper

Mail me ingame, I can't get you in now, but if I think that you will be a good asset in the future and the other members agree then I can get you in when the residence is upgraded.


Another new player

I would like to join as well, although I have no idea how this is done !!!!!!!

But I like this game so far.


The link is void !

I have a newbie question: sometimes when you are working, it shows that you are picking whatever or doing the posters, but then after a while,it shows you are doing nothing. Does this mean I should stop the work? or let it run until the 2hrs end or whatever time I set?

Nathaniel Burke

Fixed the link, it got messed up when it was stickied. Unfortunately when they stickied it, it closed it for some reason. Hopefully they'll get it open so the applications can be poste din there, but at least people are starting to use the application form in their other posts, and that's good at least.

*Edit* Oh snap, it's open for posting applications now* Great :)


its a glitch when it says that if you refresh the browser it will show your timer working still, or just click the work link it will show what you have ongoing